Move It Move It

More Project T items for N’Vhe.

Today I removed the top floating island and all the right sided islands.  This was the easiest part to start with on the deconstruction of the N’Vhe store.  Nothing was on the top island and its sub island off to its right.  The last right sided sub island and the lowest had the poses on them.  These have been brought up into the new store construction and placed.

Nyte has to log in world and adapt the scripts so that payments go to the group for these items.  I do not have that ability as of yet.  I think that will be a little bit tricky.  As I remember, those scripts were coded to pay an individual.  This may require the helpful services of Mr. IEVL Vita.  Scripting is his thing and he does it well.

I would do more, but now its time for a real life break and to get my Macroeconomics homework done.  Blah!  But only a few more weeks to go.  I do dislike that class.


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