More Project T Activity

Real Life had gotten in the way a bit.  Okay a lot.  That is the price one pays for going to school full time.  O.o

At any rate, I have figured out the apartment door dilemma.  It is really not that bad.  Another apartment is set up because one of our renters has a friend that wants an apartment.  For 75L and 125 prims, you really can’t go wrong.  The parcel is quiet, no one bothers each other and that is the way the tenants want it.  They are not renting here to make new friends, but instead to have a peaceful place to call their own home.  Friends are the gravy they get.  😀

I created a secret squirrel phase I.  The talented Mr. IEVL is now working on the scripting of phase I, which also lent itself to a spin off secondary idea.  He gets to knock out two birds with one stone.  Whhhooo hooo!  The Secret Squirrel will be in development for a wee while, but it should turn out to be fun and a great sense of accomplishment.  I know I am excited.

The skins are all in place. Now to get those eyes in place.  I might actually be able to start moving the clothing.  Its starting to shape up and fall into place.  I figure I have about two or three more months in this transition mode.

Well, it is a working night at N’Vhe, so off I go…….shhhh, secret squirrel business


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