2/3 Down The Road

I am excited now.  I mean really excited!

I have the store building dropped in its new location.  The old store is torn up.  It is starting to look much better.  Two stores on the top floor need the products placed properly.  I just tossed them in their space without any organization to them.

The property is taking shape.  We dropped various types of grasses all around, added some water falls replaced the old gazebo that had 2006 attached to it with prim pose balls and all.  It is amazing what can grown on the side of a mountain.  IEVL has discovered that the parcel looks awesome when he has it set on midnight.  I like it on sunset.  You will have to visit and judge for yourself.

I have to find some cobblestone for the new pathways and water or a pond for our little pond at the base of the waterfall.  That has yet to be updated.  Then I need doors to close out the empty store buildings to remove the obvious emptiness that exists there.

It is becoming so beautiful and pretty.  We live on the mainland.  Simply put, we can not afford the fees for our own little island, so the mainland is home.  I do like to watch the changes in the land around us.  Sometimes they are amazing.  Other time, they leave you with a “what the…” feeling.

The transition is slowly making its way towards completion.  I find myself sitting around in the grass or just walking the property, enjoying its beauty so far.  When I have a moment I will post a few snaps.


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