Discovery of Club One

I have to admit this is not a new discovery.  I found out about Club One Island about four weeks ago.  I was busy updating my facebook page with some of my mindless drivel, whining and crazy thoughts and one of the ads in the side bar was for Club One Island.  Now normally I ignore those ads, but it had a virtual world type look to it and I couldn’t resist.  I had to check it out.

Turns out Club One Island exists within the virtual world of Second Life (R) and also on the internet at .  I jumped into world to check it out and joined up.  They have different programs at varying rates.  The biggest complaint around the virtualosphere is the cost of their program.

Well wouldn’t you know it, they sponsored a jumping fest yesterday, which gave the participants discounts off of the program for each hour of virtual jumping.  So I jumped for discounts, dragged Mr. IEVL for some jumping fun and made two new friends and met quite a few people.

I was cot jumping while Mr. IEVL took to jumping on the bed.  Others were jumping on pogo sticks and trampolines.  After a bit of time one of the developers for Club One Island asked Mr. IEVL if she could adjust his ball (snickers).  She placed an additional ball on the bed so we could jump together.  Mr. IEVL looks at me and asks, “Did she just ask if she can adjust my balls?”.   ZOMG!!!  I was dying of laughter.  We spent the rest of the night jumping in bed together.  (AHAHAHA!)

Now mind you, Club One Island is a PG sim, therefore, that was our bit of PG related porn.  Badaboom badabang!  Below is some evidence of our glorious adventure in bed jumping and my first ever animated gif creation.  Tah Dah!


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