The First Announcement

Today I made my first formal announcement about moving to Neoma and transitioning.  Honestly, I am nervous and not sure of what to expect.  I know some will be upset, others won’t understand and others will be fine with it.  It is a big change.

I love Nyte and she has been a huge part of me or should I say that I have been a huge part of her.  LOL!  I have been known as Nyte since I was 16 years old.  That is a long time.  Most of my life.  Even though Nyte the avatar has only been around since February 2006, it still is a long time for an avatar.  I know peeps that have been around quite a bit longer.

I am grateful to those that will support this move and I mourn with those that will miss Nyte and her antics.  I don’t want to loose my friends that I have made over the years, but sometimes these things are necessary.  Some of this is due to a real life situation that I just can not talk about.  Other parts are due to the bashing I have taken in life the last few years.  I guess in a way, all of this is representative of the changes in me.  Parts of us die, new growth appears and change smiles upon us.

I did keep my initials, intentionally.  There will always be a part of Nyte there.  History will always remain like a story book slowly forgotten over time.  But the remnant exists and thus continues on in a slightly different form.

Now I know the questions will come…..why not tell everyone when you first made the decision.  Its simple.  I am a stubborn gal and did not want anyone talking me out of what I felt I needed to do.  Yes, I am that stubborn and sassy.  It is not much of an excuse, but its the truth.

I guess I needed time to move into my new self, feel comfortable in my new skin (O.o) and have a chance to regrow the parcel and find a form of expression.  I can no longer draw as my hand is experiencing paralysis from the elbow break and surgery.  It will take a while to regain its usage back completely.  They say about 6 to 8 months and up to a year.  I had to have time to pout, cry, kick, scream, whine, yell and have multiple tantrums.  It has been a hard good year.

Now its time to get over it, suck it up and drive on and live.  I needed an extended moment to find a creative in me again.  That is the best way I can say it.  A new moon hit my life and thus I am named Neoma or New Moon.  Let’s see where this adventure will take us.

Now I have the other aspects to do, since I have done this sort of backwards……I have to chase down some peeps that have no idea and will spank the tar out of me when I tell them and they see its been so and I said narry a word.  It’s okies.  I gladly accept all deserved spankings.  LOL!


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