Family Time

Due to a real life snow storm, I was able to skip in the virtual worlds in between shoveling and spend a little bit of time with my virtual family.  Normally, I am on too late at night to see them.  While talking with my virtual parents, my virtual sister popped up.  She stole a break from work.  Giggles!  This is my sister.

We were chit chatting a tiny bit in IMs.  My sister shared some pictures with me of what she had done to our father when he decided to do an afk stint.  They are funny, but those pictures are family secret squirrel ha haz.

Here is the family as we chit chat.  Mind you we have other siblings that are not present.

Then our father found out that those certain pictures were shared and he grounded us with a minor talking to.  Grounding is avatar freezing.  You can’t move or chat, but you can IM.  LOL!

Gotta love family time, even if you end up grounded along the way.

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