Fashion For Life ~ RFL ~ Outfit 2

Just as I have promised, another outfit that I had found at the Fashion For Life event.  This outfit had caught my eye because it is different then most gowns.  Well, and its shiny and as a kitteh, I have a natural tendency towards shiny.

This outfit can be found at AlaFolie created by pixivor Allen.  She does customs too!  This is something I will be tucking away inside.  If I am unable to create, maybe I can find a designer or two that can create the designs in my head until I get the use of my hand back. Anyway, it is 1000L at Fashion For Life, inside the store in a Relay For Life Vendor.

I love the movement that this dress has with it.  No matter what position or direction I turn or twist, it moves with me.  I can’t wait for an event to happen so I can wear it!  And it comes with shoes!!!!  No worry for matching.

Remember, hit up the Fashion For Life event.  There are treasures there.


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