Sneaky Sisters

Zadi was tasked by our dad, Chi to coordinate, plan and execute a wedding for him and our mom, Bella. Yes, they are already married! He wanted to surprise her, which is not the easiest thing to do.

Zadi pulled me over to the wedding spot to show me the set up and it was very beautiful. The minister was busy setting things up. She helped him test the pose balls. He had to lower one ball for me since I am such a shorty. I took a picture that our parents will ground Zadi after seeing. She kissed the minister to be sure the “you may kiss the bride” ball set was working properly and that it was placed properly.

At any rate, I had fun hanging out with Zadi for a little while. Unfortunately, real life homework had pulled me away, like it normally does.




Now to go tell our parents what Zadi did with the minister….so I leave out part of the story. It will be fun to watch her wriggle in troubles!


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