Time Passes When Having Fun

My worlds collided a bit for a second there.  I am playing a game called Empire Avenue that is totally addicting, plus enjoying RIFT moments with some Second Life interspersed.  Not to mention, that real life that keeps interrupting my virtual living!  O.o

Anyway, I met this great person who I have befriended named Takeoy on Empire Avenue.  He is one of the few people from Second Life that actually remain and stuck with Empire Avenue.  We have become really good buds, Gypsy style (non committal, committal – lol), and I am enjoying it to the hilt.

It did make the dawggie go freaking nuts.  I had to put him on mute/ban because of the unrealistic drivel he was making up in his head.  He basically inferred that I was a ho, sleeping around and spending all my time playing games.  Pft!  Reality check please!   If I were playing games that heavily, my blogs would have fifteen posts a day and my dividends on Empire Avenue would be over the top.  O.o

Anyway, we went to a  dance club in world.  I forgot the name of it (sorry about that).  I will have to invite him as a guest writer so he can fill in the blanks.  LOL!  He had a friend that was Djing.  She does some awesome techno type rock and the club was hopping with people having regular conversations.  Not a lot of tip asking and I do not recall seeing people trying to strip for cash.  (I really hate that in a club…I go to dance and relate.  I can look at myself if I want to see a naked body.  O.o)

I took some really cool pictures!  Not sure what the dance was called but it had a jive aspect to it, with a bit of hip hop styling and a touch of modern.  It was the coolest couple dance that I have seen in Second Life.  I typically like movement and am really not into the all over you, let me molest you while we dance type dances.  Sooo uncomfortable!!  This dance was exciting, fast paced, cute and lots of fun.  I am going to have to find it!  It has been a long time since I have had that much fun in a virtual world.  No pressure, no expectation, no oppression, no rules.  Just a good time.  Like I said Gypsy style.





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