Fallen Into the Sea

There was a huge battle on the seas.  The teddy bear pirates had the stuffings beaten out of them – quite literally.  Stuffing floated on top of the sea almost like a fake sea foam from waves churning the salty waters.  Scraps of fabric everywhere.  The kitten was tossed into the sea with the wreckage.  Stunned and weak, she slowly sank to the bottom.  As she did, she could see the ship waiting to be her grave.


She phased in and out of consciousness, wondering if this is what death is really like. It was peaceful yet filled with a strange curiosity. Each time she opened her eyes, the wonder of when it would be the final end. Would she know? Or would she fade into the darkness when her sight was gone for the last time. She felt a tingling and a few sharp pains, but thought that was either the result of the fighting and the salt from the sea in her wounds. The tingling was like a fire. Every nerve ending responding. She couldn’t stay awake. “Just die already!”, she thought to herself. The world fell quiet, silent…nothing existed, not even the darkness. Just the ravages and stories untold under the sea.


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