Another Amazing New Day

She stretched and yawned, relaxed from the best rest she ever had. As she sat up, dark strands floated in her face. “Strange” she thought to herself. I don’t remember ever seeing anything like that. She brushed her hair away from her face, as it floated about. Her skin slightly changed. Shocked she discovered scales.


Scales on a kitteh? She looked for her tail and was surprised to find a tail of a much larger sort. Confused she sat looking around and slowly realized she was not waking up in her cozy safe bed. This was not a dream. The entire adventure did happen. She was left. She did leave. The ship sank and her with it.


Watching the fish swim in schools, she wondered if there were others like her. Does this happen to everyone that falls to the sea? There are so many questions, but none to be answered sitting in one spot. She needed answers. A new voyage began and this time, she had no choice but to leave everything she once knew behind. It was not going to help her here. Watching the fish carefully, she noted how they swam and started practicing. Before long she felt like she was flying. It was fun and exhilarating.


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2 Comments to “Another Amazing New Day”

  1. Interesting….well, I can say it’s all YOU! 🙂

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