The Meeting

It is easy to get lost right now, not that it matters.  Where else am I going to go?  It has taken a bit of an adjustment to my new life, but one that I would equate more to turning into a vampire or something.  When you wake up one day as an entirely different species things can be a little complicated.

My urge for various types of food do not seem to be based upon what they are, but more on the matter that they move and glitter.  A few mishaps have ensued.  I did have a chance meeting with some very strange creatures as a result.

There are hidden places under the sea that are filled with a curious beauty.  Some are items I have known in my previous life, preserved in these waters.  We do not use these the same as humans, needless to say.  Fallen boats are used as homes for many lifeforms under the sea.

Swimming around, I have found this area that seems to be a city so to speak for under water creatures of all kinds.  It is rich in safe food.  I happened across a few that are just like me.  I met Francesco first, swimming into some tunnels.  Needless to say, I was surprised.


Soon after Josephine came out of no where. One thing about merfolk is that they do swim rather fast, giving them the appearance of just appearing and disappearing. Josephine was mesmerizing. Her swaying was hypnotic to me. Francesco is rather regal. His looks demand a respect.


They gave me warnings about the sea and suggested perhaps I stay close to this area for the time being. I was told to stay away from the treasure chests, for they are guarded by the ghosts of pirates and will kill me instantly. Merfolk are very difficult to kill and can live for a very long time, seeming ageless. However, they can be killed in some circumstances, when the death is gripped by one who knows no life.

As they were sharing with me, another creature swam into the area. Eddis is a blue tiger striped siren. He seems to have been in the sea much longer than the rest of us and I wonder, will we eventually be like Eddis as we age through time or will we stay the way we look now. I notice different changes in me each day. Eddis taught me to dance the way the merfolk dance under the sea. It was fun and playful.


Reminding me of the fishes I saw as a human, chasing each other to and fro.


And so we dance and spend much time doing so. But I have a strong curiosity of what is outside the city. I was warned about people I may encounter and told to stay close. Still my curiosity is great. I have not been to the surface of the sea as of yet and I have been told that I can do this, however, it is dangerous due to the emotional immaturity of humans. That I can understand first hand. I wonder if my friends were once human and if they remember. I find my memories fade within me.

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