Touching the Surface

Sometimes a mer has to do it.  I know my friends told me to stay close to where most of the merfolk live, but I am so very curious.  I have to see the surface.  I forget what it is like to be a human – well neko, but pretty much a land walker just the same.  I wonder if the sun feels the same way.  Will I see things the same way or will they look differently?

While everyone was sleeping (yes merfolk sleep), I quietly let the current pull me out of the area before taking on a full swim toward the surface.


The humans were getting settled. Most of them already sleeping. The guard was wandering around, so I carefully and quietly floated within the waves, watching. I remember sitting next to fires when I lived up here. I wanted to touch the sand on the beach to see if it felt the same. I know silly, but I had to risk it.

I was feeling a little sleepy and the warm air felt good. I know it is night time and I really should sleep among my friends, but there are so many wonderful rocks to lay upon and enjoy the sightings while feeling the air. Surprisingly, I found that I could still breathe. Weird! I develop gills, but still have not lost my air breathing. I wonder if Eddis can breathe up here?


I napped for a bit and woke as the sun was beginning to rise. I needed to take my last looks at the surface before heading down to where my new friends lived. I guess in a way they are my new family. I wonder if they think in those terms. We tend to swim alone most of the time. I guess it is what one makes of it.


At any rate, the humans are waking and going about their daily work. A lot of toil and work for the lot of the day. I wonder if any merfolk have jobs or work. It all seems so unnecessary. Food is readily available, swimming by at any given moment. You just reach out and grab it. It no longer makes sense to me why humans do the things they do. Strange creatures!


Curious place that I have found here. They take both the power of the wind and ocean and use it for something. Some strange contraptions around this building. I would explore closer, but at the moment there are to many creatures walking all over it. It is curious though. Oh well, better get back down into the depths of the sea before my friends start looking for me.

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