My Family Meets the Mermaid

I have spent quite a bit of time swimming about here and there, or being swamped in real life. My family is online at different times then I am normally. I was home sick in real life so I took advantage and jumped in world for a visit. It was the first time they saw and learned that I went fishy. They understood the back story and actually expected it with the information I had conveyed to them.

My father teleported me right into the store because they were working. I floated and watched as they worked. While there, I saw a spider chase around a lady and a tornado spin in the same area. The customer’s love to be on voice and so we were able to listen to a variety of conversations. I can’t say I understood the conversations, but I heard them just the same, My parents tell me they have heard far worse.

It is movie release day, so new movies need to go up. I felt like I swam out of one of the science fiction movies as the advertisement. At any rate, it was awesome to spend some time. It was what the doctor ordered to sooth my soul. I do miss being able to be around like I used to do.




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