Strange Creature Encounter ~ A Mer in Making

I was visiting one of my favorite Mer locations and encountered a rather unique and interesting being. I am not sure how she came to be. I wonder if she was half eaten or maybe involved in some sort of accident, but it seems half of her is missing.


She was so very curious to me, we spoke for a moment. She is a Mer in the making. Everyone develops differently it seems. Some are born as Mer, others of us are a curiosity of magical change. I do think that the secrets at the bottom of the sea have much to do with it. When I was a land lover, I used to think that those lost to the sea were in fact dead. Now I know that some of us, if not all, simply grow. We are not lost but for the initial moment of the transition.


So here we witness the beginnings of a Mer in the making. There are some amazing things to be found within the depths of the sea.

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