A Trip to the Surface

My friends have spent less time keeping an eye on me. I tend to swim out into the depths frequently, exploring and finding new things. Just watch out for the treasure chests. The ghost pirate has them all set so they will kill anything that draws near to it.

It was another late night. All the Merfolk were settled in their homes sleeping away. I decided to take another trip to the surface. Shhhh! Do not tell my friends. They would be most upset. It is how many Mer’s get hurt. Humans are actually rather cruel when it comes to their curiosities about other creatures. The best time to go to the surface is under the darkness when all the humans are sleeping or occupied and the first dawning of the sun. Most do not get out during these hours.


Their ships are very interesting, especially when they live in the houses on the shoreline. Empty ships have a very specific sound to them. Almost like the bellies of the ship have nothing inside. I usually speed swim in this area, because humans are so very prevalent here. I decided to do a little underwater exploring of what was below. I usually hit the surface, get my fill and swim back to home.


There is much strangeness in the sea here. Buildings and stairs exist under the water. Almost as if they lived here too. I know that sounds crazy, but it is not really used much that I can see. Unless, maybe, there is another set of Merfolk that live in these parts. Still it does not explain the need for stairs leading out of the water. Curious! You know I had to go check!


The sun had started exposing the wonders of the world. It is just a basic dock. There seems to be a fisherman’s business right on this dock. It is probably one to watch carefully. I noticed while looking around that my skin has changed much since being under the sea. Still its fine for me. What is a Mer to do as things change?

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