The Other Side

The tunnel was interesting to travel through. It was a little scary, being that it is one of those areas that it is easy to get trapped within. As much fun as it can be, we typically try to avoid those. Nevertheless. The other side of the tunnel has some interesting things.

The underground is more developed, with stairs and buildings leading to the surface. I can only think that there must be some merfolk around here that socialize or live with the humans here. Why else would such a set up exist? I have yet to see a mermaid swim in these waters as of yet.

The surface here is amazing. These tunnels and pathways with elegant arches are stunning! They are very fun to play in as well!


Passing through the archways, there seems to be some sort of fire room. Maybe it is a temple or a flame that burns for one of the human gods. I had to keep jumping to get a good look at it. Fortunately, there were no humans around to see me leaping in and out of the water.


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