Unchartered Seas

I have not been back to what one would call my home area in quite a while.   Hopefully no one is looking for me.  I doubt they are.  In the world under the sea, it can be very dangerous.  Life can change in a simple moment.  There are no true safe boundaries that one can hide in for protection.  Sometimes there is more danger in where one chooses to hide then in what one is trying to hide from.

Yet, we get used to it.  I have grown accustomed to the fact that I have to be aware at every corner, turn, cave and hollow.  Even the sands hide secrets in the sea and not all of them are helpful or beneficial to staying alive.  Here the survivor is the fastest, the strongest and the most intelligent.  Intelligence can get you far, but only if you are up against something less intelligent.  We may look different under the sea, but do not underestimate even the simplest of creatures.


Still, none of this has deterred me from exploring the world in which I have come to be.  I am here.  I need to understand it fully.  The colors are amazing and vibrant.  There are deep tones as well as brightly colored ones.  All each with a purpose.  Still, the beauty hides dangers.  Pirates have been in these seas.  I have come to learn their symbols, of which they have many.  Its best to watch from afar and keep your distance.


Hidden off to the side is a strange path that leads right through the most beautiful tunnel I have seen. Strange to see something like this. I wonder how it came to be. The walls are crystal. I can not imagine the force that would have had to happen to create this. I carefully swam through it hoping that there was nothing dangerous on the other side. It was this way or attempt to swim through the pirate area that is filled with renegade death traps.

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