Skybox Paradise

My skybox was feeling too much like my house in real life and right now that just entices and creates stress. I had to make a change to allow my creative side to be able to flow and do its thing. I can work under stress, but my creativity gets cranky when stress abounds.

I went out shopping and poor Mr. Brady ended up on another shopping trip. This time to check out the sky boxes that I had found. This one is awesome. It is basically mimicking an island with a lagoon cavern. I have my very own mer spot to hang out and have parties in. Wooooo! My mer friends will be excited! It is very pretty and relaxing. The sound of ocean and birds just dances through the air.

My first sunset at the sky island…
Sunsets in Second Life

Mr. Brady and I chit chatting about things on a log before the fire on the beach.
Enjoying the campfire

The sky box itself….
Skybox Paradise

With shadows to boot! I am a blessed girl!
Paradise with Shadows


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