Meeroo Invasion

It was my fault really.  I had watched as the Meeroos were being developed.  I had quite a few friends beta testing them.  I really avoid pets in Second Life for the most part.  I did the turtles and those were quick to get out of hand.  The chickens were too needy.  I skipped the horses, bunnehs and others.  I tried the clams because my Second Life parents created Clamables.  Those are actually pretty fun.

The thing is…the Meeroos are too cute! I could not resist any longer and broke down.  I have ten of them right now.  Paulina was the first one we converted into a Meepet so she did not need the pay for food.  Mr. Brady loves her to death and so she is his Meepet.  We are grown Nievl up a bit and he too will become a Meepet for Mr. Brady.

So…they have formally arrived at NVhe…..Meeroos have invaded!

IEVL & Paulina


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