Revitalizing !Exodus! Visit

Part of getting reacquainted with my virtual friends is going out and finding them. This is a bit difficult considering I get the shy bug easily. However, my friends at !Exodus! make it difficult to be too shy.

I popped in to see what was going on to find Kess was DJing. Kess is the club owner and a favie person of mine. I love her accent when she DJ’s. She told me, she now has a second club that has dance music instead of rock. Heaven for me as I like both. I have yet to do a field trip, but will be checking it out.

DJ Kess @ !Exodus!

Some of the regulars were there rocking it out and having fun. It was good to see familiar faces and new faces as well. Check out the peeps!

Jynx rocking it out


Nynia Rocking Down



Now don’t I look like the good girl of the bunch!?! Actually, I am the good girl of the bunch. LOL!
Neoma at !Exodus!

Me just having fun


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