Three Small Mountain Mainland Parcels

We cleaned up enough of the items on the land to put up three small mainland parcels for sale in the virtual world of Second Life. This is part of our plan to reduce our land holdings. Two of the parcels are 512m and are located side by side. The third is 1504m, also located next to the two 512m parcels. We placed the 512m parcels at 260L each and the 1504m parcel, I believe is at 900L.

The next set of land that will go up for sale won’t be until October 31st or afterwards. I had provided the tenants with the ability to stay until October 31st. One remains. All rental unit boxes are removed with the exception of that particular tenant.

I removed half of the apartment building, so only one tower remains standing. The store is still up and the corner closest to IEVL’s parcel is still there for me to clean up.

We have already sold the ten 512m parcels we had up for sale earlier this month. The goal is to shape the largest parcel in a nice perfect square or rectangle. All the side lots we had purchased once upon a time to ensure we had enough prim space for the tenants are what we are selling as we get parts of the land up for sale. Once the 31st hits, we will clean off the remaining items and the rest goes up for sale as one large lot, slightly bigger than a 1/4 of the mainland sim. It is also the flattest area on the mountain in this particular sim.

Progress is being made and we are so excited. This means November will bring new exploratory in world adventures. 😀


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