Success! Land Has Sold

Last night someone came by and purchased the large parcel of land from me.  I had an additional 512 plot that I simply abandoned.  It was up for sale for a month with no takers.  The large parcel went just in the nick of time.  I was actually starting to mull over the idea of just abandoning it.

I know, many people think that is a silly idea, but you really have to weigh the costs of the land tier versus what you gain from the land sale.  It was a very uneven match and I did not want to have to do another tier payment after this month.

This has also allowed us to remove the NyteVargas group from the virtual world as well.  The NVhe group is sufficient and right now open for others to join at will.  We will be closing it and setting it to be join with a payment because group gifts and supporters will be able to access the gifts we release or do beta testing of creations in this group.

Right now our next step is to get all of our stock of eyes up on the marketplace for people to be able to access and update our marketplace information so no one is teleporting into a place that no longer exists.  (We still have pictures though! :D)

This is our goal for November.  Simple, accomplish-able and the first step in an exciting new adventure.  I will be visiting the premium sandboxes each month, writing about the experiences there with some snapshots here and there.  (See the evil grin!)

It is time to start the new chapter in this virtual world as a partial gypsy.  At least I have my tiny home to land and change clothes.  It is certainly about the need, so this experiment will be interesting and a great adventure.

With the virtual worlds current premium account offering is there a need or an enticement for an avatar to truly own more land then the Second Life house provided?  Are stores necessary in world?  Does a physical in world presence (such as a store) make a difference to one’s sales or created content?

I already know that the lack of a physical presence makes your avatar friends slowly forget you.  I also know that the lack of a physical presence can affect your sales.  You must socialize, but socializing does not necessarily mean owning or holding land.

So onto the grand adventure to find the answer to these questions.


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