Thanks for peeking.  You have found a page of a dynamic yet shy person, who loves to dabble in the virtual worlds while leading a very active real life.  I love social media and have met many people, of whom I adore.  Yet, I appreciate and love deeply those in my everyday in person life.

I am the walking paradox, or at least I feel like it.  I make random decisions that may sometime seem strange, but they truly do have a meaning behind them.  Really they do.  😀

I currently work full time for a manufacturing company in the USA, playing with contracts.  I attend college full time and am a single parent.  I work hard and I play hard.

Time is of the essence in all areas of my life.  Because of this, I do not let anyone dictate life to me.  Instead, I follow that God that holds my heart and hand.  I am silently spiritual and will let my friends fall down, if that is the experience they need.   However, I will be there to offer a hand and maybe a laugh or two or three.  :p

Yes, I can be a brat, but you will love me anyway.  Honest!  It’s so totally true.


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