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November 6, 2011

Loyalty Yellow Eyes

Happy to present the nvhe Loyalty Eyes in yellow.  There will be many more colors of this eye released, so stay tuned.  You can find this eye on the Second Life marketplace here.

Be the nvhed!

Its a new look, new you, a new moon.

Exciting, elegant and playful

Adds drama and approachable appeal to your avatar.

Have those wondrous puppy like eyes

The eyes can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your avatar. They are the window to the soul even in a virtual world. Don’t envy, be the nvhed. Make a revitalized, refreshed, regenerated you today!

Please note: The size of your eyes in the avatar slider will determine how much of a system eye is shown. Due to a current bug those using Shadows will see either white dots or the eye itself will be a shimmery white regardless of which system eyes you choose. Simply turn off shadows and you will be able to see your system eyes.

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