August 26, 2011

You Never Know Where

You never know where a door will lead. In the Paradise there is a mysterious door set in stone.

Mysterious Door

Opening the door, the entry way has an ominous feel with it bright lights. Still, it is captivating, so let’s enter in and see where it will go.

Walk Into The Light

We end up at the NVhe countryside. Peaceful, sweet feeling countryside. There are little meeroos running about the door. Possibly they know a few things?!?

The Countryside of NVHE

These doors work only if you are in the associated group. If you need an invitation, send me a message. Residents of NVhe already are part of the group, so go on over to Paradise, enjoy the ocean water, the sea side breeze and the fun dances waiting for you. Find the secret underwater cave, done your merwear and swim about to your hearts content.

August 25, 2011

The Difference A Viewer Makes

When Second Life came out with its Viewer 2, I thought I was going to be leaving the virtual world. It was the worst user experience I have ever had with anything. The font color was in the same tonal family as the background and overlays. Despite it being a different color, it was extremely difficult to read. The silly sidebar took up way to much real estate and their compromise to squish the world was not the best help either. Meh!

Imprudence has been keeping me in my comfort zone during this ride. It is fast, rarely do I have issues and I am content. All is right in the world. Following the viewer news, everyone is on a race to build Viewer 2 based clients for various reasons. Sigh!

So I decided to try a few. Kirstens is great but will kill a computer if you do not know what you are doing. That is a viewer for graphic artists, in world photographers and pros. Nice, but not for the average person. Viewer 2 itself is still icky and makes me want to toss up all sorts of badness from my insides.

Then I discover Firestorm, which is still in beta, but I love it. It is the best of both worlds. I find it well executed. I can change various aspects of my UI and it has that pre 2 feel, yet I get to have the Viewer 2 features. Party! However, there are two features I absolutely adore! The first is the fact that I can be anywhere and snap a picture that will upload to flickr. I can loose me as the middle man for basic shots. Joy joy! The second is the fact that I can have shadows without funny lines in the pictures or without crashing after a few moments.

It is my viewer of choice right now. Below is me living up on these two features!

Paradise with Shadows

Last One - Windlight Settings & Shadows

August 24, 2011

Paradise in the Sky

Recently I replaced my skybox with a new one.  The old one was nice, but it was too much like my real life home.  It was not encouraging me to relax or be creative.  So out I went to find something new.  In a matters of moments I had found a series of paradises.  I love it! It has the sound of the ocean and waterfall, birds singing and flying in the air and the beautiful scenery.  It even has an underground water cave, perfect for my mermaid tendencies.  Yep ~ I have a beautiful fishbowl!  Giggles!

Skybox Paradise
On the beach area, there is a wonderful campfire where I can sit myself down while I study or design.  I am planning on getting back into designing again.  This will be a bit of an adventure filled with moments of frustration as I have to reteach myself how to draw.  It may bring back the hand as it is responding very slowly and some functioning has come back.  Still a long way yet to go.

Enjoying the campfire

August 23, 2011

The Sunset at NVhe

Virtual worlds can have some incredible views, just like real life. I can’t physically feel the coolness of the air slipping in as the sun sets and night begins to fall. Nor can I feel the heat from the sun or the wind ripple past me as if it is trying to dance with me.

However, the power of the mind is incredible. I can see sunsets such as these and just through the memories of such experiences that are recorded in my mind, I can actually feel the wind, the coolness of the air and the sun.

Sunsets in Second Life

It is in this place that I can relax while my children sleep, write, study or finish homework. It is my favorite time and my most productive time. Creativity embraces me, affecting everything I do in that moment.

It may be virtual, but it does have its own reality that is incredibly real. The memories are very similar to those from the real world.

Here sits my nightly sun set experience that I am privileged to share with those visiting NVhe and those living on NVhe with me.

August 22, 2011

SOMA Class

I took today off from real life work to get some real life errands done. One of the things it afforded me the ability to do was check out two SOMA classes. They had a class on creating hair textures going on as I had jumped into Second Life. My good fortune! I met some nice people and was able to grab some learning along the way.

SOMA Design Class

August 21, 2011

Revitalizing !Exodus! Visit

Part of getting reacquainted with my virtual friends is going out and finding them. This is a bit difficult considering I get the shy bug easily. However, my friends at !Exodus! make it difficult to be too shy.

I popped in to see what was going on to find Kess was DJing. Kess is the club owner and a favie person of mine. I love her accent when she DJ’s. She told me, she now has a second club that has dance music instead of rock. Heaven for me as I like both. I have yet to do a field trip, but will be checking it out.

DJ Kess @ !Exodus!

Some of the regulars were there rocking it out and having fun. It was good to see familiar faces and new faces as well. Check out the peeps!

Jynx rocking it out


Nynia Rocking Down



Now don’t I look like the good girl of the bunch!?! Actually, I am the good girl of the bunch. LOL!
Neoma at !Exodus!

Me just having fun

August 20, 2011

New Eyes In Creation

I wanted to create a set of eyes for my mermaid avatar.  I studied various eyes of fish and underwater creatures.  At first it was none to interesting, until I figured out that pictures do not actually pick up the colors very well.  My trip to the Mystic Aquarium this summer was part of an exploration in a study on fish eyes.  Some are very pretty.  Unlike anything I have seen before.

It is hard to imagine what a mermaids eyes would be like.  I do not agree with the standard viewpoint of what a mermaid would look like to start with.  Anything living under the water has to have skin that can survive under the water for long periods of time.  Human skin will actually fall apart after a while.  It was not designed to be immersed in water for extremely long periods of time.  The idea that a mermaid would have the same type of breasts or breasts at all just doesn’t sit with me very well.  But hey, that is the fantasy in this creature as well.  LOL!

At any rate, I wanted to create eyes that reflect the depth of the ocean and seas, the darkness that exists in the deep and the exciting colors that appear. I have made these eyes as my sample eyes and have been tweaking them.  Now its time to create variations with color. What do you think?


Sweet Dreams.....

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August 19, 2011

Meeroo Invasion

It was my fault really.  I had watched as the Meeroos were being developed.  I had quite a few friends beta testing them.  I really avoid pets in Second Life for the most part.  I did the turtles and those were quick to get out of hand.  The chickens were too needy.  I skipped the horses, bunnehs and others.  I tried the clams because my Second Life parents created Clamables.  Those are actually pretty fun.

The thing is…the Meeroos are too cute! I could not resist any longer and broke down.  I have ten of them right now.  Paulina was the first one we converted into a Meepet so she did not need the pay for food.  Mr. Brady loves her to death and so she is his Meepet.  We are grown Nievl up a bit and he too will become a Meepet for Mr. Brady.

So…they have formally arrived at NVhe…..Meeroos have invaded!

IEVL & Paulina

August 18, 2011

Dancing Mania

Recently, I dragged Mr. Brady with me to buy new animations and poses for myself.  The old ones are starting to be – well old.  They are still usable, but you know..sometimes you need to have something new.  At any rate we started at the first store checking out stands, sits and the such.  I bought a handful and we were on our way to the next store.  Its difficult for me to find animations because I tend to like the good girl style, but with a bit of snarky added in.  Not what is typically offered.

Anyway, we arrived at Henmations.  Huge store!  We ended up finding couples dances that were quite a bit of fun! Surprise! Not what we were looking for, but we spent the rest of the night checking them out and shopping for those instead.

Busta Move

I ran off on my own and grabbed an Intan Couples Dance Machine to put them in.  I am sure people in the group will enjoy them as much as we do.  It will also allow for times with friends over now and again.  So as a result I get to reorganize parts of the parcel.  Woots!

Here are some pictures of the shopping adventure.  It was a blast!

Dance Shopping


Still dancing shopping


Samba pose!

In real life, both of us would get hurt doing this one. O.o LOL!

The dip!

August 17, 2011

Skybox Paradise

My skybox was feeling too much like my house in real life and right now that just entices and creates stress. I had to make a change to allow my creative side to be able to flow and do its thing. I can work under stress, but my creativity gets cranky when stress abounds.

I went out shopping and poor Mr. Brady ended up on another shopping trip. This time to check out the sky boxes that I had found. This one is awesome. It is basically mimicking an island with a lagoon cavern. I have my very own mer spot to hang out and have parties in. Wooooo! My mer friends will be excited! It is very pretty and relaxing. The sound of ocean and birds just dances through the air.

My first sunset at the sky island…
Sunsets in Second Life

Mr. Brady and I chit chatting about things on a log before the fire on the beach.
Enjoying the campfire

The sky box itself….
Skybox Paradise

With shadows to boot! I am a blessed girl!
Paradise with Shadows

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