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May 7, 2011

Nevar’s Relay For Life Birthday Wish

This didn’t happen today, nor did it happen this week.  I am catching up on writing about my wee little adventures.  There is a passion I hold in my heart, a cause that I champion on behalf of because of the darkness cancer brings into life.  Regardless if you are a survivor or one who has passed or a family member thereof, its affects are far reaching and at times devastating.

I met this awesome man through this passion, as he shares it as well.  His lovely partner, Ame, I met this way as well.  This couple is one of my inspirations in both real life and my virtual life.  They walk past the fears, have incredible strength and support those they love.  You can stray far, but they will never stop caring or loving you.  They are nothing less than incredible.  I love them both immensely!

Every year around the time for the clothing fair, Nevar’s birthday comes.  His birthday wish isn’t for himself.  His birthday wish is simply for everyone to do something for the cause of finding a cure.  Regardless if it is one linden or thousands of dollars or if it is in real life or the virtual worlds, do something. Anything, but nothing.  It is a simple wish.

This year, Nevar and Ame had passed on the Clothing Fair, after four years of coordinating, running and organizing it.  In fact, it was Nevar that borne the idea.  It started very small.  I remember it well as I was one of the vendors there as Innocently Evil.  This was the fifth year, but a year that the Clothing Fair went on without him.  (They did a great job by the way….check out my blog on that.)

Instead, Nevar and Ame were busy with real life items and doing things that challenged them and hopefully will bring many opportunities to them in the future.  Busy with real life, many people would give up on the cause.  Not this couple!  They joined up with and helped out with the Fantasy Faire raising funds for Relay For Life.  Amazing!

They did not stop there….they had a birthday party for Nevar and of course had the Relay For Life kiosks for donations available.  The birthday wish was a contribution.  And so I did, as I took a moment away from homework to dance with my friends and learn about all the things I had missed, since I am usually hiding under the couch.  O.o



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