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August 26, 2011

You Never Know Where

You never know where a door will lead. In the Paradise there is a mysterious door set in stone.

Mysterious Door

Opening the door, the entry way has an ominous feel with it bright lights. Still, it is captivating, so let’s enter in and see where it will go.

Walk Into The Light

We end up at the NVhe countryside. Peaceful, sweet feeling countryside. There are little meeroos running about the door. Possibly they know a few things?!?

The Countryside of NVHE

These doors work only if you are in the associated group. If you need an invitation, send me a message. Residents of NVhe already are part of the group, so go on over to Paradise, enjoy the ocean water, the sea side breeze and the fun dances waiting for you. Find the secret underwater cave, done your merwear and swim about to your hearts content.

December 11, 2010

When Real Life Runs Over Virtual Life

I can’t believe a week has passed by so darn quickly, but it has.  My real life has become overwhelming ~ okay more so then usual.   We are in the last two weeks of school for this college semester.  It’s large project or papers for many classes and preparing for the upcoming finals (which are this coming week – eeps!)  O.o  I still have one paper to finish and it is due tomorrow.

None the less life in virtuality still goes on….

MR. IEVL is still working on phase one scripting.  This will take a while, so when there is some news ~ I will share it.  LOL!  Until then I have to keep the squirrel in the nut tree. :p

The eyes are all moved and the older line of IEVL (Innocently Evil) has been moved and placed. I just have the newer N’Vhe items to move to the new store building and then I can drop the building into its new home.  Things are moving along quite well.  Then I will have to have Nyte log in to set the items for sale to group.

I created a new role in group for Renter’s Friends and Roommates. While they have similar abilities, the renters will now be able to receive the proceeds from any sales.  The downside is they will share in the groups liabilities.  Since those are linked together there is not to much I can do about it.  This will be officially turned on for the renters when the marketing is in place.

Now comes the marketing of N’Vhe, its rentals and store.  I will be working on that in the upcoming months, alongside the neoma line.

I made my first sale of eyes recently as well…….it was Mr. IEVL.  Thanks you!  Waves!

December 5, 2010

More Project T Activity

Real Life had gotten in the way a bit.  Okay a lot.  That is the price one pays for going to school full time.  O.o

At any rate, I have figured out the apartment door dilemma.  It is really not that bad.  Another apartment is set up because one of our renters has a friend that wants an apartment.  For 75L and 125 prims, you really can’t go wrong.  The parcel is quiet, no one bothers each other and that is the way the tenants want it.  They are not renting here to make new friends, but instead to have a peaceful place to call their own home.  Friends are the gravy they get.  😀

I created a secret squirrel phase I.  The talented Mr. IEVL is now working on the scripting of phase I, which also lent itself to a spin off secondary idea.  He gets to knock out two birds with one stone.  Whhhooo hooo!  The Secret Squirrel will be in development for a wee while, but it should turn out to be fun and a great sense of accomplishment.  I know I am excited.

The skins are all in place. Now to get those eyes in place.  I might actually be able to start moving the clothing.  Its starting to shape up and fall into place.  I figure I have about two or three more months in this transition mode.

Well, it is a working night at N’Vhe, so off I go…….shhhh, secret squirrel business

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