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May 30, 2011

Enter the Cutest Thing in Second Life ~ Bloom Dolls

Keeping up with my promise to one of my good friends, Nexeus, I was enjoying a Thursday night bebop at the Rouge Gallery and Lounge.  I found myself rezzing in the midst of the cutest set of avatars.  I danced a bit, talked with my friends and enjoyed the little bit of time I was able to get in.


I love these friends.  We have been friends a long time.  These are some of the crew that stood by me through Poppa’s passing, supported me going back to school and constantly cheer me on with my schooling and were there when I broke my elbow, lost the ability to draw and design, had the hissy fit and changed from Nyte Vargas to Neoma Vasilia.  These guys and my Second Life family (Mom, Dad and siblings) make up my virtual family.  Everyone should have friends like these.

At any rate, a tenant needed me and that cut my time short, but I was able to get these snaps.  You can find the Bloom Dolls at Sand Shack Surf Co., located here.  Bloom dolls do not come with clothing or accessories.  You need to supply the hair.  If you do not know how to manipulate or adjust prims, this avatar will be a wee bit complicated.

Make a folder for your Bloom doll, place copies of the hair and items you will be decking the doll out in and you will avoid ruining your hair and accessories, because you are simply modifying a copy.





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