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March 21, 2011

neoma Dreamy Eyes ~ Collection 3

Below is the last collection in the Dreamy Eyes line.  I neglected to post this a while ago when they were completed and one of my buddies gave me a few wacks, stating that I am wayyy behind in posting my wee eyeballs.  Tis true.  You will be seeing more eye posts as I play catch up to myself.

December 11, 2010

neoma Dreamy Eyes Set 2

This is the second set of eyes in our Dreamy Eye Collection. There are some fun and intense colors. The eyes are dramatic,playful and at the same time charismatically draw one in. Eyes are by far my favorite feature on a human and this is why.

You can find these eyes on the Second Life (R) Marketplace.  Below are the links to the individual eyes and the fat pack.  And yes, we do customs.  Just send me a note.

Dreamy Noon Teal Eyes

Dreamy Noon Purple Eyes

Dreamy Noon Green Eyes

Dreamy Noon Brown Eyes

Dreamy Noon Blue Eyes

Dreamy Meadow Purple Eyes

Dreamy Eyes Set 2 Fat Pack

November 27, 2010

neoma Dreamy Eyes Set 1


Neoma Ad Board Dreamy Spring

Originally uploaded by neoma vasilia

These are my very first set of eyes in the virtual worlds in the neoma line. We have more eyes coming out in this series to be shown soon. You can purchase them at the below web url’s on the Second Life (R) Marketplace.

Dreamy Dawn White Eyes

Dreamy Spring Red Eyes

Dreamy Spring Blue Eyes

Dreamy Spring Brown Eyes

Dreamy Spring Green Eyes

Dreamy Spring Purple Eyes

Dreamy Eyes Set 1 Collection of 6 Eyes

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