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May 17, 2011

Just a Little Moonshine

Sometimes exploring brings you to places you hoped not to visit, but yet you enjoyed every minute of it.  I found Moonshine on the Orange Tree (65,40,21).  It is magically enticing and appeals to my very kitty dynamics as a wonderful playground.

What I was not expecting was to find places that couples could dance, pose together and walk.  They did an awesome job of making the place fun and snuck the romance under the radar.  So here I find myself in a melancholy mood, realizing these are the times that being a Gypsy style kitty is difficult.

I sat in the rain, in a small area thinking about things.  How funny it seems when we have expectations of ourselves and others, only to either exceed them or to send them busting to the ground like a mirror shattered into uneven pieces.  Neither is necessarily bad.  They are experiences.

I was wishing I could share this place and in the end I get to do just that!  😀  I am sharing it with all of you.  Giggles!  I am sure you understand what I mean.  Every once in a while a moment like this slips through those cracks somehow.  I thought I had them all sealed perfectly.  I guess not.  I don’t feel that lonely feeling very often.  Maybe because I keep really busy and life has decided to hand me a small break and now there is time to reflect.

Would I do it differently…no, not actually.  IEVL is nearby, just not around.  My new friend is busy in that crazy thing called real life.  He would have enjoyed this place.  My sister was not online.  She would have liked it to.  It had water and pretty views.  

So a deep drink of the moonshine, so old love songs playing in the background, a picturesque view and you have a kitten smiling even at the fact that there is that open spot no one will have the chance to really see.  It is a good thing when the Moonshine is alone and the vulnerabilities escape unnoticed by anyone by yourself.

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