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November 12, 2010

Month One in the Virtual World of Second Life®

This is my first month as Neoma in the virtual world of Second Life.  It is exciting on one hand and a mourning on the other hand.  It is not my first time in this virtual world.  I discovered it in February 2006.  Why a new avatar, you ask?

There are many reasons.  I am not giving up everything, but I am transitioning into a new life in my real life and it just seemed fitting.  At some point my other self will pass away, slowly and mostly unnoticed.  It may seem dramatic, in a way I guess it is.

However, my real life has been filled and overwhelmed with many things over these years, each bringing changes to me.  Some changes are physical, limiting me from doing the things I enjoyed creating.  Other changes are time demands, after all a full time job, full time college and single parenthood is quite the demand.  Add in physical therapy and I find myself in need of a virtual oasis instead of being a known personality that runs amuck in the background.  In a way, this is a back to the beginnings for me.

So onto a new beginning…….

This is me as Neoma.  I have been having fun running around and selectively choosing items for my look.  I found some skins that I like by a creator I have never heard of and hair from another creator that is also unknown to me.  Coming from the world of designing and fashionistas, I love new discoveries.

Hair ~ Alli&Ali’s Tamarra Hair II; Skin ~ [ROCKBERRY]’s Farrah E in natural; Eyes ~ N’Vhe’s Neko Human Eyes #7

Now that I have entered the world, my biggest question is how does one make friends in this virtual world these days?

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