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January 6, 2011

Some More Lost World Visions

While waiting for me to actually get in world and do something, I thought you might enjoy some more of the wondrous beauty of the Lost Worlds.  These are additional snaps I had taken of the the place when on our virtual escapade.

January 3, 2011

Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds 004

Originally uploaded by neoma vasilia

Yesterday, Mr. IEVL and I went out to explore the Lost World. It was an amazing sim, filled with beauty combined with decay. It was natural, spooky and charismatic. This is one of the snap shots that I took in world while standing near a shore line. I wanted to just fall in the water to see if maybe something was down there. Maybe, that should be my next set of visits. There are many more snaps from this trip. I probably will post some here and there.

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