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March 20, 2011

Enter Trouble at Lush

This past week, my sister Zadi wanted to talk to me.  We do not get to talk very often because our online hours are different.  Typically, my online hours from my virtual family is this way.  They are on in the day and I am typically on late in the evening, if at all.

Anyway, the two of us were chit chatting and it can be rest assured that when this happens, we are up to something.  That something I can’t discuss because a squirrel took it and secreted it away.  😛

As I studied for one of my real life law exams, Zadi gave me momentary measures of breaks from studying.  She teleported me to a club that she was hanging at named Lush.  Lush plays pretty much standard club music. Predominately pop dance music.  It is an okay club.  Not my style or taste, but we all know that I am biased towards the styling of the various types of Rock found at !Exodus!, as well as the people.  Every club has their following.

For me the downside to Lush is actually the things that are common in most virtual clubs.  You have the DJ, the Host or Hostess and a set of dancers.  All of which expect tips.  Honestly, I don’t want to listen to the emotes or watch a dancer dance, strip or entice.  Its plainly boring.  I rather the intimate teasing, jokes and conversations of the patron.  Someone emoting through the conversation is distracting and disruptive.  Really, my feeling is go to strip down club for that.  Don’t combine the two.  Blah!  Then you have the only true conversation going on being the dancers and the Hostess or Host spamming you with emotes or who you should tip at this great club – rawr!

Meh – I am just not into it.  It’s not my style.  I know others love it and that is great.  The club is not empty, does have active patrons and it looks all pink and dangerous.

Nevertheless, Zadi and I did our scheming, planning and overall enjoyed our time together.  I am going to drag her over to !Exodus! to show her how the Rockers do it and why we do it better.

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