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November 19, 2011

Virtual World Drama

It has been an awesome real life day.  I had just finished checking my email after getting home from a great unplanned dinner with my Mom.  I love her so much!  Anyway, in my email I get these messages that were sent to me by someone that was aggravated by my partner.  I have to address this issue because it happens so often in virtual worlds for some reason.

If you have an issue with someone, telling their partner to pass messages to them is NOT the way to handle the situation.  Please take the time to talk or discuss the matter with the person you have an issue with – directly.  If they are offline, well, wait until they are online or just send a message and get the ball rolling.

This person was upset because my partner apparently was in their house.  Sheesh, I am sure it was a mistake, but you know, I was not there.  He doesn’t normally just pop into people’s places for the fun of it.  O.o  Nevertheless, it is not my issue and I am not his Momma.

So I did what most probably won’t do and sent a message thanking them for their messages (as lovely as they were – not!) and telling them to deal with him directly.  I will not do message passing because it is just silly.  I mean, think about it.  You are telling on an adult to another adult.  What is the expectation here?  Do you honestly think that an adult has that much control over another adult.  Am I expected to yell at him as if he were a five year old that crossed a boundary line?  What is honestly the deal here?

At the end of the day, regardless if it is real life, a game or a virtual world life, you need to deal directly with the person that you have an issue with and resolve it with that person.  No one else is responsible.  Just because someone is related, partnered, married, significant other or a friend does not mean they should be involved in the mix.  It just creates unnecessary drama between people that had nothing to do with the initial issue to start with.

I know I am ranting, but this is the sort of thing that annoys me.  Life has enough issues regardless of what realm it happens to exist within.  Things are much more simpler if  they are dealt with the person that has an issue instead of the person, their cousin, uncle and a friend.  Hopefully, this person will understand my message back to them, but somehow I suspect that they won’t.

August 24, 2011

Paradise in the Sky

Recently I replaced my skybox with a new one.  The old one was nice, but it was too much like my real life home.  It was not encouraging me to relax or be creative.  So out I went to find something new.  In a matters of moments I had found a series of paradises.  I love it! It has the sound of the ocean and waterfall, birds singing and flying in the air and the beautiful scenery.  It even has an underground water cave, perfect for my mermaid tendencies.  Yep ~ I have a beautiful fishbowl!  Giggles!

Skybox Paradise
On the beach area, there is a wonderful campfire where I can sit myself down while I study or design.  I am planning on getting back into designing again.  This will be a bit of an adventure filled with moments of frustration as I have to reteach myself how to draw.  It may bring back the hand as it is responding very slowly and some functioning has come back.  Still a long way yet to go.

Enjoying the campfire

August 19, 2011

Meeroo Invasion

It was my fault really.  I had watched as the Meeroos were being developed.  I had quite a few friends beta testing them.  I really avoid pets in Second Life for the most part.  I did the turtles and those were quick to get out of hand.  The chickens were too needy.  I skipped the horses, bunnehs and others.  I tried the clams because my Second Life parents created Clamables.  Those are actually pretty fun.

The thing is…the Meeroos are too cute! I could not resist any longer and broke down.  I have ten of them right now.  Paulina was the first one we converted into a Meepet so she did not need the pay for food.  Mr. Brady loves her to death and so she is his Meepet.  We are grown Nievl up a bit and he too will become a Meepet for Mr. Brady.

So…they have formally arrived at NVhe…..Meeroos have invaded!

IEVL & Paulina

August 18, 2011

Dancing Mania

Recently, I dragged Mr. Brady with me to buy new animations and poses for myself.  The old ones are starting to be – well old.  They are still usable, but you know..sometimes you need to have something new.  At any rate we started at the first store checking out stands, sits and the such.  I bought a handful and we were on our way to the next store.  Its difficult for me to find animations because I tend to like the good girl style, but with a bit of snarky added in.  Not what is typically offered.

Anyway, we arrived at Henmations.  Huge store!  We ended up finding couples dances that were quite a bit of fun! Surprise! Not what we were looking for, but we spent the rest of the night checking them out and shopping for those instead.

Busta Move

I ran off on my own and grabbed an Intan Couples Dance Machine to put them in.  I am sure people in the group will enjoy them as much as we do.  It will also allow for times with friends over now and again.  So as a result I get to reorganize parts of the parcel.  Woots!

Here are some pictures of the shopping adventure.  It was a blast!

Dance Shopping


Still dancing shopping


Samba pose!

In real life, both of us would get hurt doing this one. O.o LOL!

The dip!

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