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February 23, 2011

The Club!!! ~ !Exodus!

I wanted to share my favorite club within the virtual world of Second Life(R).  I am a rather shy person and its difficult to meet new people.  It truly is something that I struggle with.  Friendships come hard for me.

There is a club named !Exodus! that I am in love with!!  The DJ’s are a lot of fun.  The Hosts & Hostesses know how to keep just the right amount of conversation going.  I have yet to show up without someone greeting me.  Even the patrons greet people as they come and say bye as they go.

People are really there.  As in present.  They have not walked away in some kind of afk zone.  They are socializing, chatting away and dancing.  They respond to what the DJ is saying and to one another.  And they have events regularly.  Even during the hours that I am able to get there.

I have gone from club to club to club only to find lots of avatars dancing, but absolutely no communication going on.  O.o  Or …… barely anyone there and either some chatting or lots of gestures.  In  either case, its boring.  If I go to the club, first its the music I want to hear.  Second, I want to share the experience with someone.  I can stay on my own parcel and play music if I want to listen to it alone.  These factors are important and more important then how many blingy objects or how fancy the place may be.

I love my music and love music of all genres.  !Exodus! seemingly plays rock of various types.  Its fun, its awesome and its great.  I am in love love with this club.  If you want to check it out, use this link and tell them Neoma sent you.

Ahhh and here is a pic or two from the very club.

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