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May 28, 2011

My Family Meets the Mermaid

I have spent quite a bit of time swimming about here and there, or being swamped in real life. My family is online at different times then I am normally. I was home sick in real life so I took advantage and jumped in world for a visit. It was the first time they saw and learned that I went fishy. They understood the back story and actually expected it with the information I had conveyed to them.

My father teleported me right into the store because they were working. I floated and watched as they worked. While there, I saw a spider chase around a lady and a tornado spin in the same area. The customer’s love to be on voice and so we were able to listen to a variety of conversations. I can’t say I understood the conversations, but I heard them just the same, My parents tell me they have heard far worse.

It is movie release day, so new movies need to go up. I felt like I swam out of one of the science fiction movies as the advertisement. At any rate, it was awesome to spend some time. It was what the doctor ordered to sooth my soul. I do miss being able to be around like I used to do.



May 26, 2011

Touching the Surface

Sometimes a mer has to do it.  I know my friends told me to stay close to where most of the merfolk live, but I am so very curious.  I have to see the surface.  I forget what it is like to be a human – well neko, but pretty much a land walker just the same.  I wonder if the sun feels the same way.  Will I see things the same way or will they look differently?

While everyone was sleeping (yes merfolk sleep), I quietly let the current pull me out of the area before taking on a full swim toward the surface.


The humans were getting settled. Most of them already sleeping. The guard was wandering around, so I carefully and quietly floated within the waves, watching. I remember sitting next to fires when I lived up here. I wanted to touch the sand on the beach to see if it felt the same. I know silly, but I had to risk it.

I was feeling a little sleepy and the warm air felt good. I know it is night time and I really should sleep among my friends, but there are so many wonderful rocks to lay upon and enjoy the sightings while feeling the air. Surprisingly, I found that I could still breathe. Weird! I develop gills, but still have not lost my air breathing. I wonder if Eddis can breathe up here?


I napped for a bit and woke as the sun was beginning to rise. I needed to take my last looks at the surface before heading down to where my new friends lived. I guess in a way they are my new family. I wonder if they think in those terms. We tend to swim alone most of the time. I guess it is what one makes of it.


At any rate, the humans are waking and going about their daily work. A lot of toil and work for the lot of the day. I wonder if any merfolk have jobs or work. It all seems so unnecessary. Food is readily available, swimming by at any given moment. You just reach out and grab it. It no longer makes sense to me why humans do the things they do. Strange creatures!


Curious place that I have found here. They take both the power of the wind and ocean and use it for something. Some strange contraptions around this building. I would explore closer, but at the moment there are to many creatures walking all over it. It is curious though. Oh well, better get back down into the depths of the sea before my friends start looking for me.

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May 25, 2011

The Meeting

It is easy to get lost right now, not that it matters.  Where else am I going to go?  It has taken a bit of an adjustment to my new life, but one that I would equate more to turning into a vampire or something.  When you wake up one day as an entirely different species things can be a little complicated.

My urge for various types of food do not seem to be based upon what they are, but more on the matter that they move and glitter.  A few mishaps have ensued.  I did have a chance meeting with some very strange creatures as a result.

There are hidden places under the sea that are filled with a curious beauty.  Some are items I have known in my previous life, preserved in these waters.  We do not use these the same as humans, needless to say.  Fallen boats are used as homes for many lifeforms under the sea.

Swimming around, I have found this area that seems to be a city so to speak for under water creatures of all kinds.  It is rich in safe food.  I happened across a few that are just like me.  I met Francesco first, swimming into some tunnels.  Needless to say, I was surprised.


Soon after Josephine came out of no where. One thing about merfolk is that they do swim rather fast, giving them the appearance of just appearing and disappearing. Josephine was mesmerizing. Her swaying was hypnotic to me. Francesco is rather regal. His looks demand a respect.


They gave me warnings about the sea and suggested perhaps I stay close to this area for the time being. I was told to stay away from the treasure chests, for they are guarded by the ghosts of pirates and will kill me instantly. Merfolk are very difficult to kill and can live for a very long time, seeming ageless. However, they can be killed in some circumstances, when the death is gripped by one who knows no life.

As they were sharing with me, another creature swam into the area. Eddis is a blue tiger striped siren. He seems to have been in the sea much longer than the rest of us and I wonder, will we eventually be like Eddis as we age through time or will we stay the way we look now. I notice different changes in me each day. Eddis taught me to dance the way the merfolk dance under the sea. It was fun and playful.


Reminding me of the fishes I saw as a human, chasing each other to and fro.


And so we dance and spend much time doing so. But I have a strong curiosity of what is outside the city. I was warned about people I may encounter and told to stay close. Still my curiosity is great. I have not been to the surface of the sea as of yet and I have been told that I can do this, however, it is dangerous due to the emotional immaturity of humans. That I can understand first hand. I wonder if my friends were once human and if they remember. I find my memories fade within me.

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May 22, 2011

Another Amazing New Day

She stretched and yawned, relaxed from the best rest she ever had. As she sat up, dark strands floated in her face. “Strange” she thought to herself. I don’t remember ever seeing anything like that. She brushed her hair away from her face, as it floated about. Her skin slightly changed. Shocked she discovered scales.


Scales on a kitteh? She looked for her tail and was surprised to find a tail of a much larger sort. Confused she sat looking around and slowly realized she was not waking up in her cozy safe bed. This was not a dream. The entire adventure did happen. She was left. She did leave. The ship sank and her with it.


Watching the fish swim in schools, she wondered if there were others like her. Does this happen to everyone that falls to the sea? There are so many questions, but none to be answered sitting in one spot. She needed answers. A new voyage began and this time, she had no choice but to leave everything she once knew behind. It was not going to help her here. Watching the fish carefully, she noted how they swam and started practicing. Before long she felt like she was flying. It was fun and exhilarating.


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May 21, 2011

Fallen Into the Sea

There was a huge battle on the seas.  The teddy bear pirates had the stuffings beaten out of them – quite literally.  Stuffing floated on top of the sea almost like a fake sea foam from waves churning the salty waters.  Scraps of fabric everywhere.  The kitten was tossed into the sea with the wreckage.  Stunned and weak, she slowly sank to the bottom.  As she did, she could see the ship waiting to be her grave.


She phased in and out of consciousness, wondering if this is what death is really like. It was peaceful yet filled with a strange curiosity. Each time she opened her eyes, the wonder of when it would be the final end. Would she know? Or would she fade into the darkness when her sight was gone for the last time. She felt a tingling and a few sharp pains, but thought that was either the result of the fighting and the salt from the sea in her wounds. The tingling was like a fire. Every nerve ending responding. She couldn’t stay awake. “Just die already!”, she thought to herself. The world fell quiet, silent…nothing existed, not even the darkness. Just the ravages and stories untold under the sea.


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May 18, 2011

Salvaging Heartbreak in a Dinky World

After having a little moonshine, I voyaged over to a Dinky World (Dinky World (211, 63, 22)) to settle the heartbreak.

I found a bear in a tavern and we talked about how I was feeling.  No one would think to turn to a teddy bear to find out my secrets, right!?!  And so I unfolded the story of my virtual woes.  Turns out the loss of my new buddy was not to real life after all.  He made nice with his old friend and well, you know there are only so many hours in a day and so many games one can play.  So the days I noticed the silence, the slowing of excited communication hidden under the rival of my exam time was really – well – two old friends making up.

The bear told me what a wonderful thing and I agreed.  There is nothing more precious than old friends mending a broken relationship.  I am happy about it and the outcome, but it still hurts a bit.  It is almost like loosing a best friend.  The positive side is that I have plenty of time to spend with some older friends of mine as well.  So it works out in the end.

Still, I need a little bit of an escape or just to feel like I have run so that the rest of life can continue untouched.  He agreed that for a time, I could ride amongst the pirate bears as the token kitteh, but I had to ensure no mice were on board.  My job would be mouse chaser.  This is something I can do.

So we set sail into the unknown seas to embark on an unknown journey.  Myself and a handful of teddybears.  At least there is plenty of snuggle time for the evenings where the silence screams loudly and the seas roar in a wild melody.  Lesson – silence is dangerous.  Always beware when the silence has come for it means a change is on the horizon.  Not bad, but be prepared.

This is why I became the Gypsy kitteh to start with.  One can never attach to tightly to friends in a virtual world.  You have to let them roam free, let them play where they enjoy their time the most and support their friendships.

May 17, 2011

Just a Little Moonshine

Sometimes exploring brings you to places you hoped not to visit, but yet you enjoyed every minute of it.  I found Moonshine on the Orange Tree (65,40,21).  It is magically enticing and appeals to my very kitty dynamics as a wonderful playground.

What I was not expecting was to find places that couples could dance, pose together and walk.  They did an awesome job of making the place fun and snuck the romance under the radar.  So here I find myself in a melancholy mood, realizing these are the times that being a Gypsy style kitty is difficult.

I sat in the rain, in a small area thinking about things.  How funny it seems when we have expectations of ourselves and others, only to either exceed them or to send them busting to the ground like a mirror shattered into uneven pieces.  Neither is necessarily bad.  They are experiences.

I was wishing I could share this place and in the end I get to do just that!  😀  I am sharing it with all of you.  Giggles!  I am sure you understand what I mean.  Every once in a while a moment like this slips through those cracks somehow.  I thought I had them all sealed perfectly.  I guess not.  I don’t feel that lonely feeling very often.  Maybe because I keep really busy and life has decided to hand me a small break and now there is time to reflect.

Would I do it differently…no, not actually.  IEVL is nearby, just not around.  My new friend is busy in that crazy thing called real life.  He would have enjoyed this place.  My sister was not online.  She would have liked it to.  It had water and pretty views.  

So a deep drink of the moonshine, so old love songs playing in the background, a picturesque view and you have a kitten smiling even at the fact that there is that open spot no one will have the chance to really see.  It is a good thing when the Moonshine is alone and the vulnerabilities escape unnoticed by anyone by yourself.

May 7, 2011

Time Passes When Having Fun

My worlds collided a bit for a second there.  I am playing a game called Empire Avenue that is totally addicting, plus enjoying RIFT moments with some Second Life interspersed.  Not to mention, that real life that keeps interrupting my virtual living!  O.o

Anyway, I met this great person who I have befriended named Takeoy on Empire Avenue.  He is one of the few people from Second Life that actually remain and stuck with Empire Avenue.  We have become really good buds, Gypsy style (non committal, committal – lol), and I am enjoying it to the hilt.

It did make the dawggie go freaking nuts.  I had to put him on mute/ban because of the unrealistic drivel he was making up in his head.  He basically inferred that I was a ho, sleeping around and spending all my time playing games.  Pft!  Reality check please!   If I were playing games that heavily, my blogs would have fifteen posts a day and my dividends on Empire Avenue would be over the top.  O.o

Anyway, we went to a  dance club in world.  I forgot the name of it (sorry about that).  I will have to invite him as a guest writer so he can fill in the blanks.  LOL!  He had a friend that was Djing.  She does some awesome techno type rock and the club was hopping with people having regular conversations.  Not a lot of tip asking and I do not recall seeing people trying to strip for cash.  (I really hate that in a club…I go to dance and relate.  I can look at myself if I want to see a naked body.  O.o)

I took some really cool pictures!  Not sure what the dance was called but it had a jive aspect to it, with a bit of hip hop styling and a touch of modern.  It was the coolest couple dance that I have seen in Second Life.  I typically like movement and am really not into the all over you, let me molest you while we dance type dances.  Sooo uncomfortable!!  This dance was exciting, fast paced, cute and lots of fun.  I am going to have to find it!  It has been a long time since I have had that much fun in a virtual world.  No pressure, no expectation, no oppression, no rules.  Just a good time.  Like I said Gypsy style.




March 22, 2011

neoma ~ Stormy Eyes

The wind blows and sings it song as the trees dance to its melody.  Clouds swirl and the world thunders in a storm crying out.  You can see the things around you clearly, but there is little light fallen upon them.  Just a seemingly grey or dark shadow dancing about in the midst of the storm.  These eyes capture your darkest storms and convey them through their muted colors.

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March 21, 2011

neoma ~ Mysty Eyes

A soft mist covers the world like a mysterious blanket.  It is hard to see the details of the images moving about in the mist, but you can make out a few things, as colors float around.  Swirling particles of color dance about.  Increase your mystery and get a bit Mysty with your favorite colors in these eyes.  *Sneaks in comment – Now I am caught up and only have five more lines to finish up.  LOL*

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