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November 28, 2010

Project T for NVhe

I have been a little slow on the transitioning of NVhe items due to real life.  I did say it was going to be a slow transition.  😀

The apartment building doors have turned into the latest issue.  We thought I could just update the doors by creating some under my name so I would be able to assist tenants.  The issue is that it removes the ability of the tenant from being able to switch the textures in the doors and windows at the same time.

I am in the process of finding the right button sets and door sets in my copy of the building to accomplish this.  Apparently each door has its own associated button in the building, so copying the same door multiple times will not work.

This is suppose to be easier then rezzing a new building, re-texturing it and placing it.  I guess it is.  LOL!  Just goes to show that things we expect to be simple have glitches.

I am doing the doors as new tenants arrive.  No reason to disturb our already happy tenant base.  Last night was my first tenant.  She likes the property and how quiet it is.  That is for sure….N’Vhe is quiet and pretty.

My other part of the transitioning was to find a new store for N’Vhe.  We love the floating islands, but they do not lend themselves to what has been planned very well.  I found a few but none of them would work without much modification.  That is not what I want to spend time doing.  Blah!

Fortunately, there was a very inexpensive building set that is so simple it functions just right.  It is a set of five different building with one corner based building that is larger then the others.  It is actually perfect.  I have rezzed out a starting format, created a second story to hold the original N’Vhe items.  Those items are going to be set to pay the group.  The intention will be to eventually allow payments to go to renters but not renters friends.  We have some group work and organization tasks to do first before that can be implemented.

The neoma line on the other hand will not go to the group, since that is a project in and of itself.  Instead, neoma will rent its store portion and pay N’Vhe a percentage of sales.

Well, for now its trans on…..

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