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March 15, 2011

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Many people in my real life wonder what the attraction is that I have to virtual worlds.  This is a prime example.  God has graced me with so many examples of generosity, compassion and charity.  Sometimes more so then the real world around me.  This is where virtual living blends into real life living.  I am a blended person.

Japan experienced a most devastating event, which terrifies me deeply and at the same time breaks my heart.  The lives of the people in Japan are changed.  Time will tell the true impacts.  Lives were lost as 20 inch waves rolled over the coast line like a spilled glass of water across a table and destroyed whole communities, leveling many homes and businesses.  Bodies floating in the water with the debris and those able to survive riding on debris hoping and waiting for someone to rescue them.  Undoubtedly, praying there are no more waves to follow.

The virtual community has come together and organized a fundraiser.   Content Creators of all types from clothing to skins to eyes and even poses, jewelry and so much more, have come together with products that you use everyday in your virtual living to help raise funds to assist with this huge disaster.  The timing is conflicting with the Fashion For Life and Relay For Life activities which have just begun.  It is okay, because now you have access to more designers, a larger variety and every product you can imagine.  All designers are required to have at least one vendor donating 100% to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, with additional vendors at either 100% or 50%.  Funds will be distributed to Americares, an American based international charity that focuses on disaster relief and aid.  The event opens up on March 16, 2011.

I have created a new set of eyes specific for this event.  You can find them here in world and below are pictures of the eyes.  Each set is only 125L, contains six eyes that create a glimmer and attraction to your avatar.

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You can also buy Linden Bears on the marketplace that are also raising funds through the virtual world of Second Life (R) right here: Linden Donation Bears

Now you know why I was so darn busy this weekend.  Donations are just the start.  Take note and make sure your family has an emergency preparedness plan and that you have emergency items on hand that you do not have to search for.  You won’t have five minutes to grab necessities when disasters such as these strike.

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