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January 18, 2011

A Writing Venture in Milkwood

One day there was a snow storm that caused my children to not have school in real life.  As a result, I had to stay home to keep the diligent Mommie eye so the house would not burn down.  LOL!  It gave me the opportunity to take a visit in world during a time I normally would not be able to do so.

So off I went happily skipping off to Milkwood for a Poem A Day.  The small picture in the background was what we needed to use as our inspiration for the poem.

My poem is named “Unspoken”

Off in the deep blue haze
Shadows flicker a soft spoken dance
Hues of blue and green play melodies
For the secure to ponder
Shimmers of light sing unspoken songs
Heard in the siren’s calls of the deep
No man nor beast can resist
When they hear the life beating rythmn
Entranced, enticed and called
One by one they pleasantly fall
Willingly owned by the deep
Forgotten, unknown and unspoken

It’s not long, but that was what came to mind. I am very rusty as its been a long time since I have played with words.

While there I was greeted by June, who was busily writing.  She puts much time and effort into her writing and is very helpful as well as pleasant.

I had also made a new friend, who reminds me of one of my real life friends.  This is Inkygirl.  She is a writer and was also there to write a poem.  Our meeting was brief, but it was fun.  She is full of personality and I have to say, her avatar has an awesome natural beauty.

I think I will pop over to Milkwood and sneak in more poem sessions.  Usually they do this early in the morning during a time when I am normally at work.  If they leave the picture out, I should be able to sneak it in when they are not looking.  😀


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