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November 6, 2011

Sandbox Bricker ~ Exploring Adventures in Content Creation

I am just starting to explore the premium sandboxes in Second Life. Each month I will visit a new one as I work through projects. It is 8:00 AM EST and there is no one else here. I wonder if it ever gets really busy. Traffic is currently at 1709, which is almost what one avatar can cause in traffic ratings standing on a sim for about eight to ten hours. Yes – I have done it enough to know, but I was actually there creating content.  :p

Bricker Sandbox

This month’s sandbox is Bricker.  There are three other sandboxes that are attached to the Bricker Sandbox sim, which I will eventually be playing on in the coming months.  The sandboxes have rules that one must abide by when using them.  My question to find out is what is a simple script?  Does the average virtual world traveler understand or have the ability to determine if the scripts they choose to use are simple?  Can we be sure if we are not able to edit the scripts?  Is there a way to test the scripts so we do not accidently break this rule?  These are some of the questions we will need to answer in the coming months.


While hanging out in the sandbox there was one visitor.  She was doing a bit of rezzing and creating.  Her avatar looked a bit dangerous, but that is to be expected because this sandbox is an adult sandbox.  No kiddies allowed here.  Why would I choose to create content in an adult sandbox?  Creating content requires the use of the avatar and sometimes mishaps happen that exposes things that *coughs* one would not want to expose.  You get in trouble for that on G rated sandboxes, even if it were an accident.

Amirah Mayes

This is me creating ad concepts, uploading new content and getting things together for the second part of our transition into virtual living without an in world store. I am a direct contrast to the lady I share the sandbox with currently. Yet, we both are there to do something specific ~ create, dream, invent, design. I was too shy to say hello. Maybe next time.
Project 1: Eyes to Marketplace

Taken at Sandbox Bricker (60, 59, 32)

October 30, 2011

The NVhe Parcel is Up for Sale

Yesterday we were finally able to put the NVhe parcel up for sale. We are a few days ahead of schedule and I am totally excited. The days ahead are going to be filled with some awesome adventures as we transition into our new strategy and focus on those things we do best. YAY!!!

An Empty NVhe Parcel

The tenants are all gone, the build, plants and store removed. It is a blank canvas waiting for the next person to dream out their imagination. 25280m for sale for 15000 linden. Hopefully someone will snap this mainland parcel soon. The sale of the parcel is the last task left on our transitionary process. Then its onto getting the products all on the marketplace and exploration in world. It is an exciting time.

Windy Gyle (139, 243, 124)

October 8, 2011

Important Decisions for Virtual Living

Living in virtual worlds sometimes brings choices that we never thought we would make, or rather, choices we never dared to think about.  However, in the virtual world of Second Life as they are making changes to the Premium Account, of which I am, there are some important facts I need to acknowledge.

The Marketplace online is where most people buy product.  In fact, aside from friends that know me, the only place people buy my eyes is on the Marketplace.  This is hard for me to ignore and it is telling me that, honestly, there is very little need for in world stores.

It also used to be that it was a great thing to own land in the virtual world to either have one’s home, store, business or space to build.  Now that there are sandboxes that are made just for premium accounts, there really is no need to have a private space to build.  I am not a builder anyway.  I just need a place to rez a photo booth and snap pictures for ads.  I can easily do this in a sandbox.  I do not imagine premium sandboxes are faced with the same types of griefers.

Also as part of the premium account, one can have a free house with 512 prims to spend.  While that does not seem to be a lot, it actually is quite a bit.  If you bought a 512 parcel and had to place a house, you would be working with much less.  For someone like me that is not in world everyday, I really just need a place to change and sit when chatting with others.

Sooooo, I have decided to sell off the N’Vhe parcel in its entirety.  I will maintain my little free house that they give me for my account type, use the sandboxes and if I really want to be alone, well I can zip over to IEVL’s place.  The skybeach is going to be located at his parcel for now.

I really think it will be more realistic and manageable.  If I were in the virtual world everyday, then I could see maintaining the half sim parcel.  The truth is, I am in a few days out of the week and for less then ten minutes at a time.  Just enough to check on my tenants.

We gave notice to our tenants last week.  They are filtering out and we have the die hards left.  They have until the last day of the month.  After that we return all items and put it all up for sale.  If the land doesn’t sell by the end of November, I may just abandon it.  After all, we more than received the enjoyment out of the parcel for what we have paid into it.  At any rate, I am not to worried about it.  Actually, I am excited.

We also have been experimenting with 3rdRock Grid.  I know there are many worlds out there, but this one seems to be the most community based.  It is not like the others and it does seemingly have grown a bit slower.  Yet, they do know how to provide great customer service, the residents are awesome and its a bit like the last frontier in a way.

There is not much there by way of awesome clothes, hair or products.  The world is really still inventing itself.  Instead of items, they created a managing community that works together.  I truly believe the rest will come.  The draw back is the inability it seems to exchange your virtual world currency for real world dollars, but at this point it is not a big deal.  They have a currency system that works.

IEVL and I wanted to be someplace where we can be in on the ground level, be part of its development and create economic opportunities within the virtual world.  This will happen slowly.  There is a lot to get done.

We did not give up on Second Life.  I am excited about the changes there as well.   It just doesn’t make any sense in keeping all the land if it really is not necessary to have in order to accomplish what we normally do in that virtual world.  It has become somewhat of an obsolete item to own mainland, at least for now.  We will see what they do and what changes they make down the road.  I will still be adventuring in the various places that exist within Second Life and writing about them.  😀

May 28, 2011

My Family Meets the Mermaid

I have spent quite a bit of time swimming about here and there, or being swamped in real life. My family is online at different times then I am normally. I was home sick in real life so I took advantage and jumped in world for a visit. It was the first time they saw and learned that I went fishy. They understood the back story and actually expected it with the information I had conveyed to them.

My father teleported me right into the store because they were working. I floated and watched as they worked. While there, I saw a spider chase around a lady and a tornado spin in the same area. The customer’s love to be on voice and so we were able to listen to a variety of conversations. I can’t say I understood the conversations, but I heard them just the same, My parents tell me they have heard far worse.

It is movie release day, so new movies need to go up. I felt like I swam out of one of the science fiction movies as the advertisement. At any rate, it was awesome to spend some time. It was what the doctor ordered to sooth my soul. I do miss being able to be around like I used to do.



May 17, 2011

Just a Little Moonshine

Sometimes exploring brings you to places you hoped not to visit, but yet you enjoyed every minute of it.  I found Moonshine on the Orange Tree (65,40,21).  It is magically enticing and appeals to my very kitty dynamics as a wonderful playground.

What I was not expecting was to find places that couples could dance, pose together and walk.  They did an awesome job of making the place fun and snuck the romance under the radar.  So here I find myself in a melancholy mood, realizing these are the times that being a Gypsy style kitty is difficult.

I sat in the rain, in a small area thinking about things.  How funny it seems when we have expectations of ourselves and others, only to either exceed them or to send them busting to the ground like a mirror shattered into uneven pieces.  Neither is necessarily bad.  They are experiences.

I was wishing I could share this place and in the end I get to do just that!  😀  I am sharing it with all of you.  Giggles!  I am sure you understand what I mean.  Every once in a while a moment like this slips through those cracks somehow.  I thought I had them all sealed perfectly.  I guess not.  I don’t feel that lonely feeling very often.  Maybe because I keep really busy and life has decided to hand me a small break and now there is time to reflect.

Would I do it differently…no, not actually.  IEVL is nearby, just not around.  My new friend is busy in that crazy thing called real life.  He would have enjoyed this place.  My sister was not online.  She would have liked it to.  It had water and pretty views.  

So a deep drink of the moonshine, so old love songs playing in the background, a picturesque view and you have a kitten smiling even at the fact that there is that open spot no one will have the chance to really see.  It is a good thing when the Moonshine is alone and the vulnerabilities escape unnoticed by anyone by yourself.

May 7, 2011

Time Passes When Having Fun

My worlds collided a bit for a second there.  I am playing a game called Empire Avenue that is totally addicting, plus enjoying RIFT moments with some Second Life interspersed.  Not to mention, that real life that keeps interrupting my virtual living!  O.o

Anyway, I met this great person who I have befriended named Takeoy on Empire Avenue.  He is one of the few people from Second Life that actually remain and stuck with Empire Avenue.  We have become really good buds, Gypsy style (non committal, committal – lol), and I am enjoying it to the hilt.

It did make the dawggie go freaking nuts.  I had to put him on mute/ban because of the unrealistic drivel he was making up in his head.  He basically inferred that I was a ho, sleeping around and spending all my time playing games.  Pft!  Reality check please!   If I were playing games that heavily, my blogs would have fifteen posts a day and my dividends on Empire Avenue would be over the top.  O.o

Anyway, we went to a  dance club in world.  I forgot the name of it (sorry about that).  I will have to invite him as a guest writer so he can fill in the blanks.  LOL!  He had a friend that was Djing.  She does some awesome techno type rock and the club was hopping with people having regular conversations.  Not a lot of tip asking and I do not recall seeing people trying to strip for cash.  (I really hate that in a club…I go to dance and relate.  I can look at myself if I want to see a naked body.  O.o)

I took some really cool pictures!  Not sure what the dance was called but it had a jive aspect to it, with a bit of hip hop styling and a touch of modern.  It was the coolest couple dance that I have seen in Second Life.  I typically like movement and am really not into the all over you, let me molest you while we dance type dances.  Sooo uncomfortable!!  This dance was exciting, fast paced, cute and lots of fun.  I am going to have to find it!  It has been a long time since I have had that much fun in a virtual world.  No pressure, no expectation, no oppression, no rules.  Just a good time.  Like I said Gypsy style.




March 19, 2011

Fashion For Life ~ RFL

Currently going on in our lovely virtual world is Fashion For Life, which used to be the the Relay For Life Clothing Fair over the past few years.  Nevar and Ame stepped down from organizing the clothing fair due to various real life responsibilities that they need to tend to.  They are not gone, just redirected and still highly active with Relay For Life.

The Fashion For Life began March 12 and will run until March 22, 2011.  You can get more information on the fair at their website here.  There are eight sims holding vendors from mostly well know designers in the virtual world with one entertainment sim.

I took some time last weekend to run amuck in what BOSL has reportedly referred to as “fashion nirvana”.  The design of the build would make any Gothic Girl drool and desire to stay there just for the build’s sake.  Its grey and holds that lovely feeling of cold stone and mockeries of death.  Hey, that is my opinion.  :p  I am an internal Gothic Girl and I can only communicate how the build affects me.  I love it.  However, it doesn’t set well with my upbeat, sunshiny friends. It’s okay…we are there to scope out the shopping, see the new creations and discover newness.  Kinda.  I am there to dump lindens into Relay For Life in a fun way.

Not many people will necessarily agree with what I have to say, but here goes.  I loved the set up of Fashion For Life.  The design was done exceptionally well in sim placement and driving people to explore the entire event.  The sponsors store’s were also walk throughs, which forced people to have to walk through their stores while exploring.  The build lent itself to this set up quite nicely.  There are areas where one can view those who have survived cancer and those we remember that have fought long and hard.  They are placed in such a way, that you can’t help but find them.  They also have gatcha stores and spots on each sim.

My disappointment was actually with two elements.   My heart sank as I walked from one store to the next to see the same fashions and basic design elements for the most part.  I am not saying that the designs were bad or that they were not pretty.  Some of them are down right beautiful.  The problem is, the same item exists in the next ten stores that I walked into as well, with maybe a smig of a change, but for the most part the same.  Now there are some designers that just constantly raise the bar with new and exciting.  Kudo’s to you guys, because otherwise, I would have just left and slapped all the slotted funds into a Relay For Life team’s generic vendor.  The second thing that rather made me a tad snarky was finding a store with no Relay For Life vendor anywhere to be seen, a few hiding their Relay For Life vendors so you had to struggle to figure them out, designers blending their Relay For Life vendors in and among their other vendors by sizing them exactly the same and using very similar textures to make it more difficult to just run to them and putting the Relay For Life vendors right on the window so purchasing the item requires walking or camming into the store and turning your view 180 degrees.  In lag, not such an easy feat.  I am grateful to the creators that made their Relay For Life vendors a showcase, allowing all their other items to take a back seat.  These creators have won my heart, because they first and foremost are there to relay.  They are not there for what will line up their pockets.  I would giggle each time I hit one of their stores and the vendor was easy to click on, was first to be seen and was made the focal point.  They understand in laggy situations, avatars do not walk into stores, but cam from a central location until they need to move for the next set.  They also know, it is about the relay and not about them.  They make it fun to relay.

Aside from that, I do feel that this years organizers have done an outstanding and incredible job.  They are spot on with sim set up, build and organization.  They have pulled together the main media for fashionista’s all around and have made it a fun event that is as lagless as one could make an event like this.  Fashion For Life is worth going to and while you are there, donate.  If you find items, run around the virtual grid showing them off, blog about them, tweet them, plurk them, take pictures and flickr them.  Get the word out as the Fashion For Life winds down in its last days.

Now for the fun stuff…..these were my finds at the Fashion For Life.  I only purchased items from the Relay For Life vendors, hunt boxes (ohh yea, they have these little boxes all over the place for varying lindens), gatcha vendors or gifts.  None of these items were given to me for the purpose of blogging.  Yep, I do this solely because I want to and not because I am into fashion.  😛  I will be periodically posting my finds throughout the day today between real life homework and responsibilities.

My First Find:

Simone Pump from Baby Monkey Shoes and created by Pixieplumb Flanagan are currently my favorite shoes.  They are the go to shoe for any outfit.  Okay, there are some that it won’t go with, but it pretty much fits with everything that I will wear.  This shoe was a store gift sitting out.

Chloe (Emerald) from (Elatel) and created by Kellie Iwish is this sweet looking dress.  In a virtual world where everyone is running around half naked and most of the fashions available are either geared towards the main trend of exposing as much skin as possible without being considered naked or being glamorous, this is a refreshing change to see.  In a world that seemingly hates the display of innocence or good, this outfit is a dramatic find.  It exudes sweetness and good girl style.  It is available for 250L in a Relay For Life vendor at Fashion For Life.

The necklace, also available to the Fashion For Life event is called Pounds of Pearls Silver from ::Duhl:: created by Renee Harvy.  This is a 25L item.  The necklace has an incredible back side to it, that is exposed when I dance and walk.  Just to show it, you can see it on this picture below.

I will post other finds of mine a little bit later on today.

March 15, 2011

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Many people in my real life wonder what the attraction is that I have to virtual worlds.  This is a prime example.  God has graced me with so many examples of generosity, compassion and charity.  Sometimes more so then the real world around me.  This is where virtual living blends into real life living.  I am a blended person.

Japan experienced a most devastating event, which terrifies me deeply and at the same time breaks my heart.  The lives of the people in Japan are changed.  Time will tell the true impacts.  Lives were lost as 20 inch waves rolled over the coast line like a spilled glass of water across a table and destroyed whole communities, leveling many homes and businesses.  Bodies floating in the water with the debris and those able to survive riding on debris hoping and waiting for someone to rescue them.  Undoubtedly, praying there are no more waves to follow.

The virtual community has come together and organized a fundraiser.   Content Creators of all types from clothing to skins to eyes and even poses, jewelry and so much more, have come together with products that you use everyday in your virtual living to help raise funds to assist with this huge disaster.  The timing is conflicting with the Fashion For Life and Relay For Life activities which have just begun.  It is okay, because now you have access to more designers, a larger variety and every product you can imagine.  All designers are required to have at least one vendor donating 100% to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, with additional vendors at either 100% or 50%.  Funds will be distributed to Americares, an American based international charity that focuses on disaster relief and aid.  The event opens up on March 16, 2011.

I have created a new set of eyes specific for this event.  You can find them here in world and below are pictures of the eyes.  Each set is only 125L, contains six eyes that create a glimmer and attraction to your avatar.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can also buy Linden Bears on the marketplace that are also raising funds through the virtual world of Second Life (R) right here: Linden Donation Bears

Now you know why I was so darn busy this weekend.  Donations are just the start.  Take note and make sure your family has an emergency preparedness plan and that you have emergency items on hand that you do not have to search for.  You won’t have five minutes to grab necessities when disasters such as these strike.

February 23, 2011

The Club!!! ~ !Exodus!

I wanted to share my favorite club within the virtual world of Second Life(R).  I am a rather shy person and its difficult to meet new people.  It truly is something that I struggle with.  Friendships come hard for me.

There is a club named !Exodus! that I am in love with!!  The DJ’s are a lot of fun.  The Hosts & Hostesses know how to keep just the right amount of conversation going.  I have yet to show up without someone greeting me.  Even the patrons greet people as they come and say bye as they go.

People are really there.  As in present.  They have not walked away in some kind of afk zone.  They are socializing, chatting away and dancing.  They respond to what the DJ is saying and to one another.  And they have events regularly.  Even during the hours that I am able to get there.

I have gone from club to club to club only to find lots of avatars dancing, but absolutely no communication going on.  O.o  Or …… barely anyone there and either some chatting or lots of gestures.  In  either case, its boring.  If I go to the club, first its the music I want to hear.  Second, I want to share the experience with someone.  I can stay on my own parcel and play music if I want to listen to it alone.  These factors are important and more important then how many blingy objects or how fancy the place may be.

I love my music and love music of all genres.  !Exodus! seemingly plays rock of various types.  Its fun, its awesome and its great.  I am in love love with this club.  If you want to check it out, use this link and tell them Neoma sent you.

Ahhh and here is a pic or two from the very club.

January 30, 2011

Club One A Bust?

Earlier I had posted about my discovery of Club One Island.  That post is here. I was excited because I love the idea of using the virtual worlds to inspire us to live healthier and happier lives.  The concept here definitely has that potential.

They had their grand opening in the first week of January.  I popped in and spent about four hours jumping to earn credits against any classes.  Since then I have been waiting patiently for classes to show up.  It has been pretty quiet at the Club One Island home front.  I decided to do a few checks.

I started by taking a peek at their events calendar on their website (see here).  There has been nothing since the opening week.  Not one class.  I am seriously bummed and frustrated.  I was told that there would be classes this month.  I know that I have a tight schedule, but there are days that I can catch a class that I deem worth while.

My disappointment grew and my heart sank as I teleported to their set of four islands.  None having a very high traffic that I could find as I ran about to explore.  There has been minimal activity.  It was like a ghost town.  Not even the crickets remained.

They have a great concept and a huge investment in this project.  It saddens me that there is nothing going on.  The two employees that I spoke with have not been online in a bit of time.  One not since that first week and the other since last week.  Let’s hope they are just delayed in their project.

For now, I will keep an eye out with hopes something will start up.  At the very least, I hope they send a message to let us know what is going on with them.  I have sent the group owner’s a request for when events will start.  Hopefully, that will get us some information and this party train can get started.

Just took a seat in the empty sim, awed at its beauty and clean builds and sad that nothing is happening with it.

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