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December 3, 2010

Profile Pictures & What Not

I played around with some snapshots to come up with my newest profile pic. I thinks its all kinds of pretty.

After a little bit of playing around, I arranged two of the skins that are part of the N’Vhe collection from Nyte.  I have just two more to get situated.  The N’Vhe portion of the store is beginning to fill up and look pretty good.

My eyes on the marketplace are getting views.  No advertising yet on them.  I want to see what a week of sitting brings me in viewer counts.  I wonder if the uploading at a specific time of day makes a difference as well?  I will be choosing one of the advertising features when I have my last fat pack all set up.  Then we can start testing if any of those work or not.

I brought Mr IEVL in on a secret squirrel mission to put his uber scripting skills to the test.  If it works, ZOMG! it will be the bomb and awesomeness in fun.  I have to remember to search for a PG based store to rent out or a small parcel to own.  Oh the so many to do’s to get the to dahs….but its an epic journey.  For now, you have to wait….secret squirrel business will be revealed when the time is right.

Ohhhhh ~ I also changed the template for the blog.  I loved the old one because of the green, but this one is so bright and does add in the color.  I like it better. Scrunches nose.

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