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January 13, 2011

My First Bloggeh Question

The question poised: “Why don’t you blog something useful, like the fashion finds in the world?”

Here is the heart and soul of it…..

  • First, I refuse to provide an honest assessment of the various fashions and things I find in world, as if it is a job.  I have a job which exists in real life and that is another blog all together.
  • Secondly, I have many friends in the fashion industry in all sorts of professions from media to modeling to designing.  The one thing I do know is the fashion world simply does not need one more fashion blogger or critic.
  • Thirdly, I know me.  I know what I like and interpret as awesome fashion.  It is not the same as the general stream of the average avatar.  Rarely will you find me wearing the latest rages available out on the grid.  I love my friends, but my sense of fashion is the mix that doesn’t match, covers most of the sexy bits up and generally gives me that nerdy next door good girl look.  There are very few people that like that look in world.
  • Fourthly, it is difficult to provide a public critique of someone else’s work in a public forum.  In fact, I think with the way competition works in our virtual world, that would create drama beyond all drama.  Most designers I know want constructive criticism, but not in a public forum.  There is also an unspoken respect for all levels of creation.  The awesome designers motivate those just starting out.  It is easier taking criticism from someone who already designs and is doing it to help you improve and not tear you down.
  • Lastly, I am still having a tantrum over my own inabilities, robbed from me and am overwhelmed at the prospect of having to learn all over again.  It is difficult going from being able to draw to barley able to write.  I ran from my fashionista world and am safely hiding out while I rehabilitate, relearn, redevelop and determine what to do about things.

The side note here is that this blog is still in it’s infancy and has developed an active readership.  I somehow think that there is more to our virtual worlds then reading about what the latest fashion trends are or the latest and upcoming place to visit.  I think there is a natural curiosity as to what we do in our virtual world, what is possible, what is crazy, that which is unbelievable and how we each resolve everything within ourselves.

My little stories are my experiences as they happen – well, maybe a little bit after they happen.  Places I explore, people I see, things I do.  It is about me, a nobody within the virtual worlds that truly does have a good girl complex and is rather shy. This blog captures the average avatar running around in the virtual worlds that is not virtually famous, influential or even really noticeable.   There is a charm in that and I hope these everyday adventures are entertaining and fun for everyone who reads them or stumbles upon them.

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