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May 7, 2011

Nevar’s Relay For Life Birthday Wish

This didn’t happen today, nor did it happen this week.  I am catching up on writing about my wee little adventures.  There is a passion I hold in my heart, a cause that I champion on behalf of because of the darkness cancer brings into life.  Regardless if you are a survivor or one who has passed or a family member thereof, its affects are far reaching and at times devastating.

I met this awesome man through this passion, as he shares it as well.  His lovely partner, Ame, I met this way as well.  This couple is one of my inspirations in both real life and my virtual life.  They walk past the fears, have incredible strength and support those they love.  You can stray far, but they will never stop caring or loving you.  They are nothing less than incredible.  I love them both immensely!

Every year around the time for the clothing fair, Nevar’s birthday comes.  His birthday wish isn’t for himself.  His birthday wish is simply for everyone to do something for the cause of finding a cure.  Regardless if it is one linden or thousands of dollars or if it is in real life or the virtual worlds, do something. Anything, but nothing.  It is a simple wish.

This year, Nevar and Ame had passed on the Clothing Fair, after four years of coordinating, running and organizing it.  In fact, it was Nevar that borne the idea.  It started very small.  I remember it well as I was one of the vendors there as Innocently Evil.  This was the fifth year, but a year that the Clothing Fair went on without him.  (They did a great job by the way….check out my blog on that.)

Instead, Nevar and Ame were busy with real life items and doing things that challenged them and hopefully will bring many opportunities to them in the future.  Busy with real life, many people would give up on the cause.  Not this couple!  They joined up with and helped out with the Fantasy Faire raising funds for Relay For Life.  Amazing!

They did not stop there….they had a birthday party for Nevar and of course had the Relay For Life kiosks for donations available.  The birthday wish was a contribution.  And so I did, as I took a moment away from homework to dance with my friends and learn about all the things I had missed, since I am usually hiding under the couch.  O.o



April 15, 2011

The Late But Great News!!! More !Exodus! & RFL

Last weekend, I was over at Exodus for a bit to catch some tunes, take a breath and study a bit.  Sometimes I just need good music when I study.  :p

I arrived to find myself stuck in an empty club!  O.o ZOMG!!! Panic ensued!! But there were peeps here and the DJ was groovin.  O.o  I thought maybe I was missing something.  So I gave a group shout out and asked if they were hiding the club and received an instant limo.  Apparently a transport was borked!

While there Kess was sharing some news with me.  !Exodus! had a segment in the Madpea Japan Fundraiser last weekend, with the wondrous, elegant and at times a little *coughs* not so innocent Kess DJing.  !Exodus! patrons responded to her call and raised the most in that one hour segment then others did.  Mind you this event went somewhere around 64 hours.  Amazing DJ’s, awesome owner and very real patrons that wasted no time to support the fundraising effort.    Incredible!!!

Kess shared with me that this coming weekend, there will be staff auctions to raise funds for Relay For Life.  Now this is what you need to do, if you want to have an awesome time, meet some talented and spicy peeps and at the same time raise funds to find a cure – go to this event.  You can contact Kess Crystal in world or buzz about !Exodus! (see past blogs for slurl – go ahead, click the tag – winks) and ask any staffer.  I am sure they have all the deets on that event.  Kess did not say this, but I know she wants to see if peeps will outdo their contributions for Japan.  I know every can do it!  Rock it!

On a side note, I heard through the grapevine that it is also the anniversary for !Exodus!.  That means awesome events over the weekend.  No matter what time you pick, there is always someone rocking in the club!  Need to find out about events, you should seriously join their group.  Yes, they have that much going on!!

So get out there this weekend, buy some staffers, rock away the weekend and enjoy the anniversary party.  Check out the themed events and ask about potential bands.  I promise you will not be let down.

On a side note…..sorry to Kess.  I know I said I would blog this late Saturday night, but time jumped through the window, kidnapped me and forced me to finish homework.  It was scaries!!!!  You and the club can spank me, but first you haz to find me and catch me.  O.o  (PST!  Look under couches, misc. furniture or inside cabinets.)

March 19, 2011

Fashion For Life ~ RFL ~ Outfit 4

I found this dress called VIVA at EMO-tions booth at the Fashion For Life for 500L.  It’s creator is Mirja Mills.  It has a vintage feel to it, yet calls out to a playful nature and reminds me of burlesque.  It shouts live, love and fun all at the same time.  And its in my favorite color – green.  This is one of my new favorite dresses.  The little booties and the bracelets come with the dress.

March 19, 2011

Fashion For Life ~ RFL ~ Outfit 3

For those ladies wanting to hit the ballroom and make a dramatic impression, I found this yummy number at Awesome Design’s booth at the Fashion For Life called Devine Party Pack in Platinum created by Julia Soothsayer.  I believe this was 95L. O.o  It comes with a variety of skirting, making it truly versatile.  And it comes with shoes as well.   Lots of peeps know I have a thing for the black and white contrast.  Not only is it dramatic, but it is representative of various aspects of life.  Here it is twisted and melded into a beautiful gown with the ability to become some cute and fun dresses.

March 19, 2011

Fashion For Life ~ RFL ~ Outfit 2

Just as I have promised, another outfit that I had found at the Fashion For Life event.  This outfit had caught my eye because it is different then most gowns.  Well, and its shiny and as a kitteh, I have a natural tendency towards shiny.

This outfit can be found at AlaFolie created by pixivor Allen.  She does customs too!  This is something I will be tucking away inside.  If I am unable to create, maybe I can find a designer or two that can create the designs in my head until I get the use of my hand back. Anyway, it is 1000L at Fashion For Life, inside the store in a Relay For Life Vendor.

I love the movement that this dress has with it.  No matter what position or direction I turn or twist, it moves with me.  I can’t wait for an event to happen so I can wear it!  And it comes with shoes!!!!  No worry for matching.

Remember, hit up the Fashion For Life event.  There are treasures there.

March 19, 2011

Fashion For Life ~ RFL

Currently going on in our lovely virtual world is Fashion For Life, which used to be the the Relay For Life Clothing Fair over the past few years.  Nevar and Ame stepped down from organizing the clothing fair due to various real life responsibilities that they need to tend to.  They are not gone, just redirected and still highly active with Relay For Life.

The Fashion For Life began March 12 and will run until March 22, 2011.  You can get more information on the fair at their website here.  There are eight sims holding vendors from mostly well know designers in the virtual world with one entertainment sim.

I took some time last weekend to run amuck in what BOSL has reportedly referred to as “fashion nirvana”.  The design of the build would make any Gothic Girl drool and desire to stay there just for the build’s sake.  Its grey and holds that lovely feeling of cold stone and mockeries of death.  Hey, that is my opinion.  :p  I am an internal Gothic Girl and I can only communicate how the build affects me.  I love it.  However, it doesn’t set well with my upbeat, sunshiny friends. It’s okay…we are there to scope out the shopping, see the new creations and discover newness.  Kinda.  I am there to dump lindens into Relay For Life in a fun way.

Not many people will necessarily agree with what I have to say, but here goes.  I loved the set up of Fashion For Life.  The design was done exceptionally well in sim placement and driving people to explore the entire event.  The sponsors store’s were also walk throughs, which forced people to have to walk through their stores while exploring.  The build lent itself to this set up quite nicely.  There are areas where one can view those who have survived cancer and those we remember that have fought long and hard.  They are placed in such a way, that you can’t help but find them.  They also have gatcha stores and spots on each sim.

My disappointment was actually with two elements.   My heart sank as I walked from one store to the next to see the same fashions and basic design elements for the most part.  I am not saying that the designs were bad or that they were not pretty.  Some of them are down right beautiful.  The problem is, the same item exists in the next ten stores that I walked into as well, with maybe a smig of a change, but for the most part the same.  Now there are some designers that just constantly raise the bar with new and exciting.  Kudo’s to you guys, because otherwise, I would have just left and slapped all the slotted funds into a Relay For Life team’s generic vendor.  The second thing that rather made me a tad snarky was finding a store with no Relay For Life vendor anywhere to be seen, a few hiding their Relay For Life vendors so you had to struggle to figure them out, designers blending their Relay For Life vendors in and among their other vendors by sizing them exactly the same and using very similar textures to make it more difficult to just run to them and putting the Relay For Life vendors right on the window so purchasing the item requires walking or camming into the store and turning your view 180 degrees.  In lag, not such an easy feat.  I am grateful to the creators that made their Relay For Life vendors a showcase, allowing all their other items to take a back seat.  These creators have won my heart, because they first and foremost are there to relay.  They are not there for what will line up their pockets.  I would giggle each time I hit one of their stores and the vendor was easy to click on, was first to be seen and was made the focal point.  They understand in laggy situations, avatars do not walk into stores, but cam from a central location until they need to move for the next set.  They also know, it is about the relay and not about them.  They make it fun to relay.

Aside from that, I do feel that this years organizers have done an outstanding and incredible job.  They are spot on with sim set up, build and organization.  They have pulled together the main media for fashionista’s all around and have made it a fun event that is as lagless as one could make an event like this.  Fashion For Life is worth going to and while you are there, donate.  If you find items, run around the virtual grid showing them off, blog about them, tweet them, plurk them, take pictures and flickr them.  Get the word out as the Fashion For Life winds down in its last days.

Now for the fun stuff…..these were my finds at the Fashion For Life.  I only purchased items from the Relay For Life vendors, hunt boxes (ohh yea, they have these little boxes all over the place for varying lindens), gatcha vendors or gifts.  None of these items were given to me for the purpose of blogging.  Yep, I do this solely because I want to and not because I am into fashion.  😛  I will be periodically posting my finds throughout the day today between real life homework and responsibilities.

My First Find:

Simone Pump from Baby Monkey Shoes and created by Pixieplumb Flanagan are currently my favorite shoes.  They are the go to shoe for any outfit.  Okay, there are some that it won’t go with, but it pretty much fits with everything that I will wear.  This shoe was a store gift sitting out.

Chloe (Emerald) from (Elatel) and created by Kellie Iwish is this sweet looking dress.  In a virtual world where everyone is running around half naked and most of the fashions available are either geared towards the main trend of exposing as much skin as possible without being considered naked or being glamorous, this is a refreshing change to see.  In a world that seemingly hates the display of innocence or good, this outfit is a dramatic find.  It exudes sweetness and good girl style.  It is available for 250L in a Relay For Life vendor at Fashion For Life.

The necklace, also available to the Fashion For Life event is called Pounds of Pearls Silver from ::Duhl:: created by Renee Harvy.  This is a 25L item.  The necklace has an incredible back side to it, that is exposed when I dance and walk.  Just to show it, you can see it on this picture below.

I will post other finds of mine a little bit later on today.

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