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April 15, 2011

The Late But Great News!!! More !Exodus! & RFL

Last weekend, I was over at Exodus for a bit to catch some tunes, take a breath and study a bit.  Sometimes I just need good music when I study.  :p

I arrived to find myself stuck in an empty club!  O.o ZOMG!!! Panic ensued!! But there were peeps here and the DJ was groovin.  O.o  I thought maybe I was missing something.  So I gave a group shout out and asked if they were hiding the club and received an instant limo.  Apparently a transport was borked!

While there Kess was sharing some news with me.  !Exodus! had a segment in the Madpea Japan Fundraiser last weekend, with the wondrous, elegant and at times a little *coughs* not so innocent Kess DJing.  !Exodus! patrons responded to her call and raised the most in that one hour segment then others did.  Mind you this event went somewhere around 64 hours.  Amazing DJ’s, awesome owner and very real patrons that wasted no time to support the fundraising effort.    Incredible!!!

Kess shared with me that this coming weekend, there will be staff auctions to raise funds for Relay For Life.  Now this is what you need to do, if you want to have an awesome time, meet some talented and spicy peeps and at the same time raise funds to find a cure – go to this event.  You can contact Kess Crystal in world or buzz about !Exodus! (see past blogs for slurl – go ahead, click the tag – winks) and ask any staffer.  I am sure they have all the deets on that event.  Kess did not say this, but I know she wants to see if peeps will outdo their contributions for Japan.  I know every can do it!  Rock it!

On a side note, I heard through the grapevine that it is also the anniversary for !Exodus!.  That means awesome events over the weekend.  No matter what time you pick, there is always someone rocking in the club!  Need to find out about events, you should seriously join their group.  Yes, they have that much going on!!

So get out there this weekend, buy some staffers, rock away the weekend and enjoy the anniversary party.  Check out the themed events and ask about potential bands.  I promise you will not be let down.

On a side note…..sorry to Kess.  I know I said I would blog this late Saturday night, but time jumped through the window, kidnapped me and forced me to finish homework.  It was scaries!!!!  You and the club can spank me, but first you haz to find me and catch me.  O.o  (PST!  Look under couches, misc. furniture or inside cabinets.)

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