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August 26, 2011

You Never Know Where

You never know where a door will lead. In the Paradise there is a mysterious door set in stone.

Mysterious Door

Opening the door, the entry way has an ominous feel with it bright lights. Still, it is captivating, so let’s enter in and see where it will go.

Walk Into The Light

We end up at the NVhe countryside. Peaceful, sweet feeling countryside. There are little meeroos running about the door. Possibly they know a few things?!?

The Countryside of NVHE

These doors work only if you are in the associated group. If you need an invitation, send me a message. Residents of NVhe already are part of the group, so go on over to Paradise, enjoy the ocean water, the sea side breeze and the fun dances waiting for you. Find the secret underwater cave, done your merwear and swim about to your hearts content.

June 7, 2011

The Other Side

The tunnel was interesting to travel through. It was a little scary, being that it is one of those areas that it is easy to get trapped within. As much fun as it can be, we typically try to avoid those. Nevertheless. The other side of the tunnel has some interesting things.

The underground is more developed, with stairs and buildings leading to the surface. I can only think that there must be some merfolk around here that socialize or live with the humans here. Why else would such a set up exist? I have yet to see a mermaid swim in these waters as of yet.

The surface here is amazing. These tunnels and pathways with elegant arches are stunning! They are very fun to play in as well!


Passing through the archways, there seems to be some sort of fire room. Maybe it is a temple or a flame that burns for one of the human gods. I had to keep jumping to get a good look at it. Fortunately, there were no humans around to see me leaping in and out of the water.


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June 7, 2011

Unchartered Seas

I have not been back to what one would call my home area in quite a while.   Hopefully no one is looking for me.  I doubt they are.  In the world under the sea, it can be very dangerous.  Life can change in a simple moment.  There are no true safe boundaries that one can hide in for protection.  Sometimes there is more danger in where one chooses to hide then in what one is trying to hide from.

Yet, we get used to it.  I have grown accustomed to the fact that I have to be aware at every corner, turn, cave and hollow.  Even the sands hide secrets in the sea and not all of them are helpful or beneficial to staying alive.  Here the survivor is the fastest, the strongest and the most intelligent.  Intelligence can get you far, but only if you are up against something less intelligent.  We may look different under the sea, but do not underestimate even the simplest of creatures.


Still, none of this has deterred me from exploring the world in which I have come to be.  I am here.  I need to understand it fully.  The colors are amazing and vibrant.  There are deep tones as well as brightly colored ones.  All each with a purpose.  Still, the beauty hides dangers.  Pirates have been in these seas.  I have come to learn their symbols, of which they have many.  Its best to watch from afar and keep your distance.


Hidden off to the side is a strange path that leads right through the most beautiful tunnel I have seen. Strange to see something like this. I wonder how it came to be. The walls are crystal. I can not imagine the force that would have had to happen to create this. I carefully swam through it hoping that there was nothing dangerous on the other side. It was this way or attempt to swim through the pirate area that is filled with renegade death traps.

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June 3, 2011

A Trip to the Surface

My friends have spent less time keeping an eye on me. I tend to swim out into the depths frequently, exploring and finding new things. Just watch out for the treasure chests. The ghost pirate has them all set so they will kill anything that draws near to it.

It was another late night. All the Merfolk were settled in their homes sleeping away. I decided to take another trip to the surface. Shhhh! Do not tell my friends. They would be most upset. It is how many Mer’s get hurt. Humans are actually rather cruel when it comes to their curiosities about other creatures. The best time to go to the surface is under the darkness when all the humans are sleeping or occupied and the first dawning of the sun. Most do not get out during these hours.


Their ships are very interesting, especially when they live in the houses on the shoreline. Empty ships have a very specific sound to them. Almost like the bellies of the ship have nothing inside. I usually speed swim in this area, because humans are so very prevalent here. I decided to do a little underwater exploring of what was below. I usually hit the surface, get my fill and swim back to home.


There is much strangeness in the sea here. Buildings and stairs exist under the water. Almost as if they lived here too. I know that sounds crazy, but it is not really used much that I can see. Unless, maybe, there is another set of Merfolk that live in these parts. Still it does not explain the need for stairs leading out of the water. Curious! You know I had to go check!


The sun had started exposing the wonders of the world. It is just a basic dock. There seems to be a fisherman’s business right on this dock. It is probably one to watch carefully. I noticed while looking around that my skin has changed much since being under the sea. Still its fine for me. What is a Mer to do as things change?

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June 2, 2011

Strange Creature Encounter ~ A Mer in Making

I was visiting one of my favorite Mer locations and encountered a rather unique and interesting being. I am not sure how she came to be. I wonder if she was half eaten or maybe involved in some sort of accident, but it seems half of her is missing.


She was so very curious to me, we spoke for a moment. She is a Mer in the making. Everyone develops differently it seems. Some are born as Mer, others of us are a curiosity of magical change. I do think that the secrets at the bottom of the sea have much to do with it. When I was a land lover, I used to think that those lost to the sea were in fact dead. Now I know that some of us, if not all, simply grow. We are not lost but for the initial moment of the transition.


So here we witness the beginnings of a Mer in the making. There are some amazing things to be found within the depths of the sea.

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May 26, 2011

Touching the Surface

Sometimes a mer has to do it.  I know my friends told me to stay close to where most of the merfolk live, but I am so very curious.  I have to see the surface.  I forget what it is like to be a human – well neko, but pretty much a land walker just the same.  I wonder if the sun feels the same way.  Will I see things the same way or will they look differently?

While everyone was sleeping (yes merfolk sleep), I quietly let the current pull me out of the area before taking on a full swim toward the surface.


The humans were getting settled. Most of them already sleeping. The guard was wandering around, so I carefully and quietly floated within the waves, watching. I remember sitting next to fires when I lived up here. I wanted to touch the sand on the beach to see if it felt the same. I know silly, but I had to risk it.

I was feeling a little sleepy and the warm air felt good. I know it is night time and I really should sleep among my friends, but there are so many wonderful rocks to lay upon and enjoy the sightings while feeling the air. Surprisingly, I found that I could still breathe. Weird! I develop gills, but still have not lost my air breathing. I wonder if Eddis can breathe up here?


I napped for a bit and woke as the sun was beginning to rise. I needed to take my last looks at the surface before heading down to where my new friends lived. I guess in a way they are my new family. I wonder if they think in those terms. We tend to swim alone most of the time. I guess it is what one makes of it.


At any rate, the humans are waking and going about their daily work. A lot of toil and work for the lot of the day. I wonder if any merfolk have jobs or work. It all seems so unnecessary. Food is readily available, swimming by at any given moment. You just reach out and grab it. It no longer makes sense to me why humans do the things they do. Strange creatures!


Curious place that I have found here. They take both the power of the wind and ocean and use it for something. Some strange contraptions around this building. I would explore closer, but at the moment there are to many creatures walking all over it. It is curious though. Oh well, better get back down into the depths of the sea before my friends start looking for me.

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May 25, 2011

The Meeting

It is easy to get lost right now, not that it matters.  Where else am I going to go?  It has taken a bit of an adjustment to my new life, but one that I would equate more to turning into a vampire or something.  When you wake up one day as an entirely different species things can be a little complicated.

My urge for various types of food do not seem to be based upon what they are, but more on the matter that they move and glitter.  A few mishaps have ensued.  I did have a chance meeting with some very strange creatures as a result.

There are hidden places under the sea that are filled with a curious beauty.  Some are items I have known in my previous life, preserved in these waters.  We do not use these the same as humans, needless to say.  Fallen boats are used as homes for many lifeforms under the sea.

Swimming around, I have found this area that seems to be a city so to speak for under water creatures of all kinds.  It is rich in safe food.  I happened across a few that are just like me.  I met Francesco first, swimming into some tunnels.  Needless to say, I was surprised.


Soon after Josephine came out of no where. One thing about merfolk is that they do swim rather fast, giving them the appearance of just appearing and disappearing. Josephine was mesmerizing. Her swaying was hypnotic to me. Francesco is rather regal. His looks demand a respect.


They gave me warnings about the sea and suggested perhaps I stay close to this area for the time being. I was told to stay away from the treasure chests, for they are guarded by the ghosts of pirates and will kill me instantly. Merfolk are very difficult to kill and can live for a very long time, seeming ageless. However, they can be killed in some circumstances, when the death is gripped by one who knows no life.

As they were sharing with me, another creature swam into the area. Eddis is a blue tiger striped siren. He seems to have been in the sea much longer than the rest of us and I wonder, will we eventually be like Eddis as we age through time or will we stay the way we look now. I notice different changes in me each day. Eddis taught me to dance the way the merfolk dance under the sea. It was fun and playful.


Reminding me of the fishes I saw as a human, chasing each other to and fro.


And so we dance and spend much time doing so. But I have a strong curiosity of what is outside the city. I was warned about people I may encounter and told to stay close. Still my curiosity is great. I have not been to the surface of the sea as of yet and I have been told that I can do this, however, it is dangerous due to the emotional immaturity of humans. That I can understand first hand. I wonder if my friends were once human and if they remember. I find my memories fade within me.

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May 22, 2011

Another Amazing New Day

She stretched and yawned, relaxed from the best rest she ever had. As she sat up, dark strands floated in her face. “Strange” she thought to herself. I don’t remember ever seeing anything like that. She brushed her hair away from her face, as it floated about. Her skin slightly changed. Shocked she discovered scales.


Scales on a kitteh? She looked for her tail and was surprised to find a tail of a much larger sort. Confused she sat looking around and slowly realized she was not waking up in her cozy safe bed. This was not a dream. The entire adventure did happen. She was left. She did leave. The ship sank and her with it.


Watching the fish swim in schools, she wondered if there were others like her. Does this happen to everyone that falls to the sea? There are so many questions, but none to be answered sitting in one spot. She needed answers. A new voyage began and this time, she had no choice but to leave everything she once knew behind. It was not going to help her here. Watching the fish carefully, she noted how they swam and started practicing. Before long she felt like she was flying. It was fun and exhilarating.


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May 21, 2011

Fallen Into the Sea

There was a huge battle on the seas.  The teddy bear pirates had the stuffings beaten out of them – quite literally.  Stuffing floated on top of the sea almost like a fake sea foam from waves churning the salty waters.  Scraps of fabric everywhere.  The kitten was tossed into the sea with the wreckage.  Stunned and weak, she slowly sank to the bottom.  As she did, she could see the ship waiting to be her grave.


She phased in and out of consciousness, wondering if this is what death is really like. It was peaceful yet filled with a strange curiosity. Each time she opened her eyes, the wonder of when it would be the final end. Would she know? Or would she fade into the darkness when her sight was gone for the last time. She felt a tingling and a few sharp pains, but thought that was either the result of the fighting and the salt from the sea in her wounds. The tingling was like a fire. Every nerve ending responding. She couldn’t stay awake. “Just die already!”, she thought to herself. The world fell quiet, silent…nothing existed, not even the darkness. Just the ravages and stories untold under the sea.


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