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August 22, 2011

SOMA Class

I took today off from real life work to get some real life errands done. One of the things it afforded me the ability to do was check out two SOMA classes. They had a class on creating hair textures going on as I had jumped into Second Life. My good fortune! I met some nice people and was able to grab some learning along the way.

SOMA Design Class

March 5, 2011

Learning at SOMA; Rocking at !Exodus!

Its been a little while since I posted.  Honestly, real life has a way of stealing time from me.  Curious about that, check out the real life stuff over here.  Onto virtual living….

Since I was home sick and was mostly in a coma, my activities were limited to a television, an audio book, my music or a brief moment virtual world hopping.  My choice of the day was a class at the SOMA School of Design.  Visit their website here.  They hold some classes in world and sell classes that you can view through a special hud they have created.  The New Student Starter Package comes with the hud, which has 19 classes for you to view on your own time in world.  You can get that here.

Anyway, I popped into one of the classes on working with 3D objects in CS4.  The class was for both CS4 and CS5.  It comes in parts. I was only able to catch the first part.  Usually the classes happen during the day when I am at work.  But this is why I love this school.  I can do classes at my own pace as long as I have the class in my hud.  Eventually, I will go pickup the other parts.  I love being able to learn new things.  Especially things that can be used in multiple realities.

Upon landing, I rezzed a bit and then grabbed a seat.  This girl grabbed the same seat as I did and ended up sitting on my lap.  She sent me an IM saying “This is my seat.”  Problem is, she never looked to see that she was sitting on the edge of the seat.  I was in the center, which shows I was there first.

She had to stand up to resit herself after I moved.  Why did I move?  I have the flu and I really did not feel like giving someone that has been in world a while a lesson on politeness.  She is attached to that seat – meh – she can have it.  I was there to learn, not to fight.  So here is me concentrating on the lesson at hand.


The teacher was Katya Koolhaas.  She is patient, informative and knows her topic.  If you want to earnestly learn, skip the shortcuts and work through these huds.  There is an immense amount of information here.  You can find her at SOMA or in the virtual world of Second Life(R) and you can ask her any questions regarding SOMA.


Last week or maybe the week before, I loose track, I was back at my favorite club,!Exodus!.  It was a blast.  They never disappoint me.  I stop in randomly and I have to say, they are extremely consistent.  The DJ for the session was personable.  He paid attention to the chat while spinning tunes. Then he integrated aspects of the chat into his DJ set.  Not to much talk, and not to quiet, it was a fun set.  He even sang the TIGER song to us.  LOL!

The DJ did some quick avie changes, from the human to Tiger to Spongebob to a toaster.  His special love also had done some changing…she had a Miss Piggy and she did the toaster as well.  I grabbed some toaster snaps.  You will never see two toasters dancing together in real life, but you might in a virtual world.  Check it out ~ Dancing Toasters!!!


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