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August 23, 2011

The Sunset at NVhe

Virtual worlds can have some incredible views, just like real life. I can’t physically feel the coolness of the air slipping in as the sun sets and night begins to fall. Nor can I feel the heat from the sun or the wind ripple past me as if it is trying to dance with me.

However, the power of the mind is incredible. I can see sunsets such as these and just through the memories of such experiences that are recorded in my mind, I can actually feel the wind, the coolness of the air and the sun.

Sunsets in Second Life

It is in this place that I can relax while my children sleep, write, study or finish homework. It is my favorite time and my most productive time. Creativity embraces me, affecting everything I do in that moment.

It may be virtual, but it does have its own reality that is incredibly real. The memories are very similar to those from the real world.

Here sits my nightly sun set experience that I am privileged to share with those visiting NVhe and those living on NVhe with me.

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