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May 7, 2011

Surprise!! It’s Your Wedding Day!

And she was surprised!  Zadi and Dad had Mom convinced that we were going to have a family day doing a scavenger hunt.  This has been a conversation going on for over a month while Zadi prepared and coordinating their renewal vows wedding ceremony as a surprise to our Mom.

We were all standing together when Mom was called to us.  She was all set for the scavenger hunt, but instead landed to see two of her daughters dressed up as bridesmaids.  I am sure she was thinking…whhhhhhaatts up here!

Then Dad asked her if she would marry him again.  It was sweet, romantic and dorky.  True family style…well true to our family’s style anyway.  They had the cutest conversation as she said yes.  Zadi posted it to everyone on the sim.  That is when our Mom asked – we have guests?  LOL!  Surprise!~

Zadi lead us into one of the store’s employee area.  From there she delivered a wedding dress, shoes and flowers.  Surprisingly enough, Mom did not have those shoes.  She has EVERY shoe ever made it seems like.  Zadi managed to find a set she did not have.  Woot Woot!

We dressed the mom and away we went into a beach paradise for a renewal wedding.  It was very beautiful, and resulted in some good memories.

The first dance

The kiss

The ceremony

The End ~ Giggles~ I could not resist!!
The End

May 7, 2011

Sneaky Sisters

Zadi was tasked by our dad, Chi to coordinate, plan and execute a wedding for him and our mom, Bella. Yes, they are already married! He wanted to surprise her, which is not the easiest thing to do.

Zadi pulled me over to the wedding spot to show me the set up and it was very beautiful. The minister was busy setting things up. She helped him test the pose balls. He had to lower one ball for me since I am such a shorty. I took a picture that our parents will ground Zadi after seeing. She kissed the minister to be sure the “you may kiss the bride” ball set was working properly and that it was placed properly.

At any rate, I had fun hanging out with Zadi for a little while. Unfortunately, real life homework had pulled me away, like it normally does.




Now to go tell our parents what Zadi did with the minister….so I leave out part of the story. It will be fun to watch her wriggle in troubles!

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