Virtual World Drama

It has been an awesome real life day.  I had just finished checking my email after getting home from a great unplanned dinner with my Mom.  I love her so much!  Anyway, in my email I get these messages that were sent to me by someone that was aggravated by my partner.  I have to address this issue because it happens so often in virtual worlds for some reason.

If you have an issue with someone, telling their partner to pass messages to them is NOT the way to handle the situation.  Please take the time to talk or discuss the matter with the person you have an issue with – directly.  If they are offline, well, wait until they are online or just send a message and get the ball rolling.

This person was upset because my partner apparently was in their house.  Sheesh, I am sure it was a mistake, but you know, I was not there.  He doesn’t normally just pop into people’s places for the fun of it.  O.o  Nevertheless, it is not my issue and I am not his Momma.

So I did what most probably won’t do and sent a message thanking them for their messages (as lovely as they were – not!) and telling them to deal with him directly.  I will not do message passing because it is just silly.  I mean, think about it.  You are telling on an adult to another adult.  What is the expectation here?  Do you honestly think that an adult has that much control over another adult.  Am I expected to yell at him as if he were a five year old that crossed a boundary line?  What is honestly the deal here?

At the end of the day, regardless if it is real life, a game or a virtual world life, you need to deal directly with the person that you have an issue with and resolve it with that person.  No one else is responsible.  Just because someone is related, partnered, married, significant other or a friend does not mean they should be involved in the mix.  It just creates unnecessary drama between people that had nothing to do with the initial issue to start with.

I know I am ranting, but this is the sort of thing that annoys me.  Life has enough issues regardless of what realm it happens to exist within.  Things are much more simpler if  they are dealt with the person that has an issue instead of the person, their cousin, uncle and a friend.  Hopefully, this person will understand my message back to them, but somehow I suspect that they won’t.


6 Comments to “Virtual World Drama”

  1. gee, that is a pretty good definition of drama! if that person’s biggest problem is that someone else popped into their house and that they have enough energy to track you down and send you a message, i guess they don’t have too many problems in life

    the size of a person can be measured by the size of their problems – they sound pretty small to me =)

    • It is definitely a good definition of drama. I love your statement as it really puts things into perspective. It is nice to think that there are people out there where this really is their biggest issue. That did make me smile!!

  2. Someone actually did that to me one time too! In my case, I was mocking a beggar on a group chat by saying “Yeah, while you’re at it, can someone give me 2k lindens?” Well someone arrived just in time to hear me say that, not knowing it was mockery, and immediately sent an offline message to my partner (who is actually my alt! LMAO) to complain about me.

    I dealt with the issue by mocking them publicly. You know, like an adult. (see at ) It had a happy ending, though, and we had a laugh about it afterward.

    • LOL! That was an awesome blog! I am still giggling over here. I love how you turned it into something positive in the end and that Rgirl stepped up.

      IEVL and I have not had a chance to chat as of yet, but I am sure lunch today will be entertaining when he finds out some silly person was telling on him. Hmm, if he doesn’t already know. He does read the blog.

  3. That is ridiculous. I’ll actually go even further to say that the concept of private property on a public sim is ridiculous. First and foremost as everything is made of pixels – it’s not your real house! Secondly, you can section off/get a security system that kicks people off land to have it only be accessed by certain people if you feel the need to be high and mighty about your pixels.

    I’ve accidentally walked into a “private” home before as I’m sure most people have in virtual worlds. Sometimes it’s not obvious that it is a home until you walk through the door depending on the building design.Other times it hasn’t rezzed properly or you end up there unexpectedly. I’ve both owned land and rented in SL. Now life takes my interests more to the open sim but I’m never rude to people if they end up in my little pretend space by whatever means. If I want privacy or the space is related to role play I might ask politely that they knock first and play along but I find people in general take this issue much too seriously.

    Talking to the person directly is logical but unfortunately logic evades some people.

    • Well said! They actually have the option of setting the parcel to only allow specific individuals. If they are renting that may not be an option, but you are right, there are security devices available. They are not expensive at all. When sims are down or the land scenery changes, upon login you will find yourself being placed in some really interesting places, as well.

      I agree people are too serious about this issue. I have always used the opportunity when people have dropped in as a way to meet another interesting person. If I want to be alone, the place is protected by a security orb.

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